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Customers Offered Vouchers To Downgrade From First Class

Customers Offered Vouchers To Downgrade From First Class

When booking a ticket on an airplane, they want the best treatment possible. What better way to have a great flight than to book a first class ticket? The best food, drinks, chair, entertainment… first-class has it all. Although these seats are the best, nine passengers on a United Airlines flight recently decided to give up theris.

A recent Travel + Leisure article explained how a flight from Newark to Honolulu had to switch planes at the last minute. The original Boeing 777 was swapped out for Boeing 767-300, resulting in less first class seats. The airline offered a voucher for those willing to step down, with some saying it was worth upwards of $10,000.

The airline said it’s policy was to make customer impact as minimal as possible when a situation like this happens, although they did not confirm the value of the voucher.

Even though these passengers intended to fly first class, it’s safe to say United made it up to them.