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Crazy Karen Rides The Hood Of Car After Accident

Crazy Karen Rides The Hood Of Car After Accident

By now we’ve all heard of the global Karen phenomenon. From McDonald’s drive-thrus to farmers markets, there never seems to be a shortage of weirdly outraged middle-aged women. Well, now Karens have taken to the streets and are now unleashing their road rage on motorists.

In this clip, a Karen cranks up the drama from 0 to 100 after getting involved in an auto accident. Though the clip is short and doesn’t show the full context of the altercation, it’s easy to see how ridiculous this lady is being. The gentleman filming the scene offers his insurance information to the woman but she refuses to interact or even speak. Instead, she sits atop the hood of the man’s car like a maniac.

It’s easy to get emotional and/or irrational after an auto accident, but we really can’t figure out what exactly this woman wants. She refuses to accept any of the man’s information, won’t speak, and just continues to sit on this poor guy’s car like a fool. What is she trying to accomplish here?

Probably reaching the end of his patience and needing to get home, the guy starts up his car and hits the gas. Amazingly the woman doesn’t budge! Maybe realizing the gravity of her situation she braces herself but not before going crazy again and shrieking like a banshee. My guy behind the wheel can’t help but laugh in this insane lady’s face! Karen’s entitlement knows no bounds.

Check out the full vid below: