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Cars Celebrities Own That You Can Afford

Cars Celebrities Own That You Can Afford

The public is constantly watching celebrities’ every move. We seem to be fascinated with them because they are living the lives we wish we had and we get to fantasize about being in their place. Often times celebrities buy extremely expensive cars because they have a large, expendable income, but these celebrities broke the mold and use cars that the public can actually afford, bringing them down to a real, personal level. Here are 10 celebrities that drive cars that you and I theoretically could own.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a proponent of environmental awareness for a long time and has been known to make bold claims when it comes climate change. Obviously, it can’t always be practical to have all electric cars, so Leo is doing his best by driving the Toyota Prius. Starting at $28,000, the Prius is an affordable option that can not only help save the environment, but also your wallet.

Clint Eastwood, the king of Hollywood, has acted in and/or directed over 100 films. One would assume that a man of his stature and success would love rolling around in some luxury car or showy sports car but no, Clint enjoys driving around in his Fiat 500 that costs under $18,000.


Mini Coopers are an iconic line of cars that are loved by many around the world. They’re instantly recognizable and are also relatively inexpensive compared to other cars that are popular, starting as low as $22,000. Adele loves her Mini Cooper and can be seen driving it around when she needs to run errands.

Ben Affleck is an extremely popular actor that loves American cars and owns a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Although the Hellcat is $40,000 more than the stock Dodge Challenger, we can still get a great looking version of the car. The stock Challengers typically start at $28,000 new and can be found much cheaper used, making them an affordable sports car.

Pickup trucks are seen as the working man’s vehicle- a real blue collar option- and the Ford F-150 is no exception. John Goodman recognizes this and loves having a normal vehicle because of its contrast to the extravagance of the luxury cars that so many other celebrities have.The F-150 starts at $28,000 and can be upgraded to increase aesthetics and performance.

LeBron James, quite possibly the most famous athlete on the planet, is known to have rich taste. This isn’t limited to his cars, either. He is multiple luxury vehicles and super cars and is also known to buy them for friends and family. One of the exceptions, though, is his Kia K900. The NBA is sponsored by Kia and their $50,000 model is their answer to the luxury desires of the public while keeping the vehicle at a relatively low price.

When someone has extreme fame and fortune, it’s always interesting to see what they use their money on. Selena Gomez has been seen multiple times in her BMW X5, a luxury performance vehicle. At $60,000, you can purchase this vehicle and experience the same kind of luxury that Selena Gomez feels while driving.


Volkswagen -or the People’s Car- makes vehicles that are meant for everyone. The Jetta is one of Volkswagen’s sedans that are extremely inclusive and affordable coming in at under $20,000. Justin Timberlake has been seen driving around LA multiple times in his Jetta, just like a normal person,

Warren Buffet, one of the most famous investors in US history, is known for being the owner of Berkshire Hathaway and for being in the Top 5 Richest Men In The World. Buffet is also known for his lifestyle. Warren does not flaunt his money and he actually discourages people from wasting money on material things such as houses and cars, and his Cadillac XTS is no exception. Even though he could afford LITERALLY any car he could ever want, he sticks with a car that comes in around $48,000.

David Spade is known to be a goofy dude. After starring in Saturday Night Live, various movies, and having his own comedy shows, David likes to be able to relax and joyride in a car straight from his childhood: a 1987 Buick Grand National. At only $30,000, this Buick symbolized the luxury of his youth without breaking the bank.