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Public Freakout After Woman Hears Kids Speaking Korean

Public Freakout After Woman Hears Kids Speaking Korean

On August 14 2019 a video was posted to Twitter about a Bay Area Woman who was thrown out of Starbucks for harassing Korean patrons. The video in question actually was filmed in December 2017, and it details an unnamed woman melting down inside of Starbucks.

The woman in question begins her tirade after hearing two Korean Students, Annie An and Sean Lee, having a conversation in Korean. The students, discussing an upcoming essay that they had been assigned, were berated by a local woman. She began by accosting them saying, “Don’t you dare say that again”, in response to one of the students discussing how they were going to brainstorm the essay thesis.

Source from Asiaone

The Starbucks baristas then ask the woman to leave, to which the woman threatened to pull out a letter of complaint to their manager. In actuality she was just pressing random numbers on her keyboard. After more heated exchanges involving the woman saying “…Oriental, I hate it”, the barista’s called the police. After the police were called Annie and Sean continued to talk in Korean, enraging the woman further, who responded by calling their conversation “disgusting” without understanding what was being said. After police arrived, the unnamed woman was escorted away.