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Barnes & Noble Keeps the 90s Alive, Promises to Continue Carrying DVDs in 2024

Barnes & Noble Keeps the 90s Alive, Promises to Continue Carrying DVDs in 2024

While stores look to move ahead with different types of video options, Barnes & Noble will keep on rockin’ with DVDs. The bookseller has announced that they will continue having DVDs in their stores for the foreseeable future.

Best Buy recently announced that they will stop selling DVDs in 2024, so this is no doubt a fun way to poke fun at another retailer. Barnes & Noble recently headed over to Twitter with this announcement.

There were some people asking if Barnes & Noble would carry Blu-Ray discs. They were assured that those would still be available. A number of bookstores and retailers have been looking to replace DVDs with other higher forms of entertainment.

With this news, shoppers can now trust Barnes & Noble will always have DVDs available. They remain quite popular with people who have their original players. which runs to about 10 years. advantages that DVDs have over other video styles include being portable, a disc has the ability to read a DB now, and they are mass mass-produced.

It is worth noting, though, that DVD sales have declined by 86 percent since 2008. With this news, it’s highly probable that more former DVD owners have moved on to the more reliable Blu-rays.

DVDs Are Not Becoming Lost In The Shuffle

DVDs are not becoming extinct at all. There seems to be a new surge in people cornering that market. With so many choices over the years about what to buy, it’s possible companies only keep them around for sales purposes.

But who lasts longer? DVD or Blu-ray? People in the know say that Blu-rays will last for about 20 years. That’s great news to hear. The Blu-ray number is compared to the disc’s lasting ability, which runs to about 10 out.

Another reason this is such great news is that people in the 1990s had their DVDs piled up. They loved playing them over and over again. But they could see the Blu-rays as a direct challenge to Blu-ray. Having Barnes & Noble make the DVD call like this will keep the disc lover coming back for more.

Maybe, though, you have too many discs and want to donate them. There are charity shops around in your area that just might accept them. Have you thought about possibly giving them to a homeless shelter? Some of you might be saving the classic discs from the 1990s to pass down in your family.

Yet for those people who only have a DVD player, today’s news offers them another chance to add to their collections.

People also are finding out that the latest DVD-R category allows for a move on there to last 100 years. Your disc has some strong lasting power. This news from Barnes & Noble also means that you will have additional chances to pick through many movies.