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Angry Auto Shop Owner Pays Former Employee In 91,500 Greasy Pennies

Angry Auto Shop Owner Pays Former Employee In 91,500 Greasy Pennies

When Andreas Flaten of Fayetteville, GA asked his boss for his last paycheck he wasn’t expecting it to come in a wheelbarrow. No, he wasn’t getting paid in loads of Benjamins, but something much, much worse: pennies.

That’s right. Have you ever wondered how much $915 in pennies weigh? Well, according to Flaten about 504 pounds. And to add infinite insult to injury, Flaten’s lousy boss, Miles Walker of AOK Walker Luxury Autoworks in Peachtree City, GA greased up all 91,000 pennies in slick oil.

Per most banks, loose coins must be clean to be processed, meaning Flaten must work even more to spend the money that he rightfully earned.

The mountain of pennies was topped with Flaten’s last paystub and a simple note that said, “F* you.”


Andreas Flaten’s former employer who sent him the greasy pennies, Miles Walker.

Flaten told CBS-affiliate WGCL-TV that he quit the job back in November due to its hostile, harassment-filled environment and constant turnover. Five other former employees have backed up Flaten’s claims including a woman who said Walker depantsed her in front of customers as a joke.

When Flaten put his notice in, he said he could tell that his boss was upset.

“He froze and stared at me for like a straight minute,” Flaten said during an interview. “He gets up, puts his hands on his head, walks out the door, and disappears.”

Sounds like some psycho behavior to me.

At the time, Walker still owed Flaten $915 for work he performed at the auto shop, but after five months Flaten assumed he wasn’t getting his money. That’s when Walker dumped the wheelbarrow of pennies on Flaten’s property in the middle of the night. Flaten says the coins are so heavy that the tires on the wheelbarrow have already given out.

“I think that’s going to be a lot of work for money I’ve already worked for,” he said in an interview with FOX 5 Atlanta, calling it “a childish thing to do.”

“It’s going to be hours upon hours of just cleaning this money up so that it’s even able to be spent. It’s definitely not fair at all,” he added.

When confronted by reporters about the spiteful stunt, Walker was dismissive but eventually shot back saying, “It doesn’t matter, he got paid, that’s all that matter. He’s a f* weenie for even bringing it up.”

In the meantime, AOK Walker Luxury Autoworks has gotten showered with one-star reviews online since the story broke.

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