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Adam Sandler Reveals Harrison Ford Hilariously Corrected an Error in ‘The Chanukah Song’

Adam Sandler Reveals Harrison Ford Hilariously Corrected an Error in ‘The Chanukah Song’

Adam Sandler has provided a lot of funny moments throughout his career, including some musical songs in his repertoire. Of course, mentioning music and Sandler, one recalls seeing him with his guitar during his time on Saturday Night Live.

It happened to be during one of his creative periods that Sandler managed to write The Chanukah Song. By now, this has become a holiday song beloved by many. The fun thing about this number is that Sandler keeps tweaking it with updates. That’s pretty cool because people who heard the first version can compare it to the current one.

But about that first version of The Chanukah Song. There, of course, were references to celebrities or characters in it. Among them were Goldie Hawn, Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy), and Harrison Ford. When it comes to Ford, there’s a pretty funny story connected to him and this song.

Adam Sandler Recalled His Interaction With ‘Star Wars’ Actor

A couple of years ago, Sandler was being interviewed by Josh Horowitz at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. This topic came up as part of a wide-ranging discussion about Sandler’s career. Horowitz asked Sandler if any celebrities mentioned in the song ever chatted him up about it.

Sandler said that, for the most part, all of them were pretty cool about it. And then, there was Ford.

“Everybody was nice,” Sandler said, according to SlashFilm. “Everybody was happy. Actually Harrison Ford … I think I say Harrison Ford’s a quarter Jewish, right? Back then when I wrote it, I don’t think Google was around. So, I was like, going off of something, I don’t know, he’s a quarter Jewish. I remember when I met Harrison Ford, he goes, ‘Half.’”

Sandler has been quite prolific in his movie career. Fans will remember ones like Billy Madison and Little Nicky. Yet some others will have fond memories of seeing Sandler on the golf course in Happy Gilmore.

People who love that movie were reminded of his funny fight scene with Bob Barker this year. Sadly, the fabled game show host of The Price is Right and other shows died. In tribute to Barker, fans freely shared the video of Barker and Happy duking it out.

‘The Sandman’ Sure Does Love Playing Basketball

One thing his longtime fans know that Sandler loves to do is play basketball. If that dude can find a court somewhere, then he’ll get a pickup game going.

Earlier this month, Sandler has been on his I Missed You tour. He was making a stop in Wichita, Kansas, where he was to perform. His people reached out to Wichita State University to see if any players would be around. Some were and had the good fortune of being able to play with Sandler and his crew. It made for a memorable day in their lives.