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A Vigilante Biker Is Out To Harass Drivers In The Most Obnoxious Ways Possible

A Vigilante Biker Is Out To Harass Drivers In The Most Obnoxious Ways Possible

The vast internet is full of insufferable, entitled people that think they are not only more important than everyone else, but that it’s also their duty to inform each and every person that offends their delicate sensibilities and narrow view of the world why they have been offended and in the most obnoxious way possible.

We may have found the worst offender yet. He’s a YouTuber that goes by the handle “MPLS Bike Wrath” and as the name suggests, if you offend him in any way, he will bring thunderous wrath down on you. He stalks the streets of the Twin Cities meting out vigilante “justice” for any perceived slight, real or imaginary and is completely intolerant of other people views, opinions or arguments. Instead of a discussion, if he is challenged in his assessment of someone’s driving, they are met with a deafening blast from his air horn and profanity-laced tirades. He is not interested in solving the problems that bikers face, he is interested in conflict and strife. In short, he’s a huge jerk and is unapologetic about it.

Check out a sampling of some of his “interactions:”

In this first video, “MPLS Bike Wrath” decides that he doesn’t need to share the road, the road belongs only to him. When a driver finally gets annoyed with his failure to yield he confronts them. First by breaking the law by splitting lanes to catch up to the van then by screaming at the driver and attempting to hand her a card with what has deemed the “laws she has broken” though it’s unclear from the video what those are.

He’s not done though, he continues to stalk the van and follows them into the parking lot of a restaurant where he first attempts to engage the passenger, who is out of the car and then again goes after the driver.

Later, while screaming into the face of the passenger, he claims to be assaulted when the passenger attempts to move out of the away and bumps MPLS Bike Wrath. It is truly obnoxious on many levels.

In this video, a man attempts to have a dialog with MPLS Bike Wrath. He’s not having it and admonishes the man for talking to MPLS Bike Wrath while driving, despite MPLS Bike Wrath having constant fits with people on the road. It’s clear MPLS Bike Wrath is happy to give it but has can’t take it. There are a couple of MPLS Bike Wrath’s greatest hits in this one also. He often yells at drivers for driving “Machines that weigh 2000 pounds and kill people” as though the only purpose of a car is to kill. He also claims to “not being able to hear them anyway,” that is likely because he has a loudspeaker that blast music for all in the vicinity hear. Because everyone loves hearing his music. Not to mention the music drowning out important things on the road, like the sirens of emergency vehicles. No worries though, MPLS Bike Wrath also doesn’t care much for first responders, as is clear in our next video.

Here, our vigilante takes on the police. In the video, he demands that the one officer ticket the other officers for being in the bike lane in front of their precinct. Predictably, they ignore him. In fact, in a number of the videos, he is heard calling the police. We can only imagine how annoyed 311 and 911 operators are at his constant harassment.

Like in this next one.

Accompanied by more loud music, the vigilante stalks the streets at night looking for offenders to scream at. After making an illegal u-turn, he confronts a man loading a vehicle. The man has no interest in engaging with him, but MPLS Bike Wrath is not deterred. He calls what appears to be 911 to inform them of the vehicle he feels is illegally parked. He tells the operator that the driver is “belligerent and non-responsive,” neither of which is true. MPLS Bike Wrath is then asked by the driver to move, but MPLS Bike Wrath doesn’t care. Instead, MPLS Bike Wrath informs the operator of the man’s height, weight, race, plate number, and vehicle description. Finally, he parks his bike in front of the van and refuses to move, threatening to sue for “all his medical expenses” if they hit him. Then he turns on his loud music again before they finally drive off. MPLS Bike Wrath calls 911 back to tell them that the van has moved. An excellent use of the emergency resources, we all agree.

Sometimes, he doesn’t call cops, he just screams obscenities, like the short one up next.

Here, a driver has had enough of what we can safely assume are MPLS Bike Wrath usual shenanigans and attempts to pass. MPLS Bike Wrath doesn’t like this one bit. After claiming the man hit him, he screams about a “hit and run” even though the driver has not “run” anywhere. When the driver yells back, he is met a long blast of the MPLS Bike Wrath’s very loud airhorn.

Like a 10-year-old that doesn’t get his way, MPLS Bike Wrath’s final resort is just to be louder and more obnoxious than everyone else around him.

A real gem.

In our final video (and yes, there are MANY more like it on his channel), MPLS Bike Wrath gets off his bike and confronts people in a business that are having their parking lot resurfaced. He is unhappy about the cement trucks. The cement trucks that don’t belong to them and aren’t ultimately their responsibility. In his mind, it’s best just complain to whoever will listen. The guys in the business don’t have much patience either.

Like so many other people in the world, MPLS Bike Wrath has some legitimate gripes. Maybe one day he will learn that pitching a fit like a petulant child isn’t helping his cause, it is actually doing quite the opposite. His bad behavior reflects on all bikers, not just himself. His childish antics turn all drivers off and re-enforce the idea that bikers are entitled jerks that act like babies when they don’t get their way.

That’s not fair to all the good bikers sharing the road with cars.