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’80s Pop Icon Tiffany Reveals True Feelings About Famous Playboy Cover

’80s Pop Icon Tiffany Reveals True Feelings About Famous Playboy Cover

More than 20 years after she posed nude on the cover of Playboy magazine, ‘80s pop music icon Tiffany can’t help but still gush about that photoshoot. 

While speaking to Fox News about her life regrets, Tiffany pointed out that the Playboy photoshoot is not something she has second thoughts about. “I love it still,” she said about her cover. “I thought it was a great thing I did. People were like, ‘She’s a one-hit wonder. She’s that little mall girl.’ And that completely blew their perception of what I was.”

Tiffany also stated it was an honor for Playboy to ask her to pose. “I was very happy with the shoot. They made me feel amazing on set. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I showed up that day and there was nothing about it… I saw the photos and they looked beautiful.” 

The I Think We’re Alone Now songstress then shared she had to diet “a lot” for the photoshoot. “I was in really good shape. So I will always look at that experience fondly. And I think it changed my audience for sure.”

Tiffany explained she noticed her male fan base grew so much after the Playboy shoot and they all stayed fans. “They could have just followed me because of Playboy. But I converted them to actual music fans.” 

Tiffany Says She ‘Never Looked Back’ After Leaving California to Live in Tennesee 

Meanwhile, Tiffany spoke about her big move from California to Tennessee nearly 20 years ago. She stated she came to Nashville for the first time when she was 10 years old. 

“I love being out in the country,” Tiffany said. “I’m a country girl at heart. I’ve toured all over the world and this place has always been home for me. There’s just something about coming home to my little ranch… I’ve never looked back.”

The singer currently lives outside of Nashville in a “rural small town” that she loves. “Home is about six and a half acres of just greenery and trees on a private road. That suits me.”

Tiffany said that after being on the road for shows, she likes to come home and relax. “I love to plant flowers, read books, and just regroup… There are times when I go to LA and say, ‘I love the beach, I miss this.’ But give it three or four hours of traffic and that’s over.’”

Tiffany went on to add that leaving California helped her career and kept her grounded as an entertainer. She ultimately felt “miserable” while living in Los Angeles.