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12 Gadgets That Will Turn Any Aged Car Into A Luxury Ride

12 Gadgets That Will Turn Any Aged Car Into A Luxury Ride


Dash Cam

These days you can never be too sure. A dashcam not only covers your story in the event of an accident but can also lower your insurance rates depending on your carrier. Dashcams are also great at preventing insurance fraud, resolving hit and run accidents, and if you have a teenage driver, will help you monitor their driving habits.


Power Cup DC to AC Power Inverter

You can say goodbye to multiple car chargers because this pick-me-up has enough energy for all your devices. The Power Cup inverter is a coffee mug-style charger that fits perfectly in your cup holder with two outlets and a USB charger on top. Complete with 200 Watts of continuous power you can charge your phone and so much more.


*Wireless Backup Camera *

Almost as important as a dashcam, a wireless backup camera will do wonders to update an older ride. You don’t need a fancy car to tell you what to watch out for while in reverse. You can add a backup camera to your old car. We especially like the Magellan Wireless Backup Camera which connects to a GPS device.


*AutoExec Wheel Mate Steering Wheel Desk *

For those who do a lot of work on the go, this steering wheel desk may become your new best friend. This product from AutoExec fits comfortably over the wheel and has enough room to accommodate a laptop or if you’re running late, your lunch. Just please pull over before writing that report or chowing down.

High Road Organizers

Car Coat Hanger

It’s always been a hassle transporting clothes in your car without getting them wrinkled. This car coat hanger now only stows neatly behind the headrest but it will ensure your formal wear is in tip-top shape for work in the morning.

The Auto Channel

Snapjaw Interactive Digital Bumper Sticker

Have something to say to the guy behind you who’s riding your tail? This LED screen attaches below your license plate as a bumper sticker and is controlled via text message.


*Car Cushion With Massage and Heat *

Turn your car into a luxury vehicle with this seat cushion. Road trips, traffic jams and car-ride snoozes just got a lot comfier with this heated massage chair.

Auto Evolution

Portable Pizza Oven

Okay so this just got real. A pizza oven that plugs into your 12V lighter. At least when you’re stuck in traffic you can eat some pizza while you wait! Forget fast food. We’re doing car cusine.


Black and Decker 12V Automotive Pivoting Vac

Vacuuming your car can be annoying. You either have to lug out your regular vac out to the garage and get extension cords or use one of those cheap coin-operated ones at the car wash. Well not anymore! No need for messy cars because this handheld vacuum plugs right into your 12V charger. The best vacuum is the one that’s already in your car!

Furry Travelers

Furry Travelers To Go Bowl

You can’t forget your travel pooch. The To Go bowl fits in your cup holder, so your dog or cat is sure to have proper food and water on a car ride! (Just make sure you stop for bathroom breaks!)

Gadget Flow

The nGroove Snap by Mountek

Put down the map and CDs because this gadget lets you place your iPhone or GPS into your CD player for easier access.