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‘Worst Concert’ is Lighting Up Social Media… Did Your Pick Make the List?

‘Worst Concert’ is Lighting Up Social Media… Did Your Pick Make the List?

Rock music fans are weighing in on social media with their opinions regarding the “worst concert” they’d ever seen in their lives. Of course, the opinions that have been shared range according to likes and dislikes. The “worst concert” tag happens to be part of a larger survey.

We’re not sure exactly where this deep questioning of people’s live music tastes started. Much like many things in the social media world, if it hits a nerve, then it’ll spread like wildfire. What is interesting to note is that people’s choices cover different genres.

Some of you reading this may think the “worst concert” tag only belongs to rock music bands. Well, these different lists are pretty eye-opening to me. Here, let’s give you a couple of examples from everyday people. They shared their lists with the world.

‘Worst Concert’ Tag Brings Fans Out in Droves

As we said, the choices did have a lot of different ranges. There were what are now called “first wave” acts that fans gave them their “worst concert” title. Aerosmith, Sisters of Mercy, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, and Jefferson Airplane had people putting them on the naughty list. And we mean “naughty” as God-awful bad for these music lovers.

These selections are subjective. In some cases, these bands picked for “worst concert” might just have an off night. They might have sound issues, keeping them from sounding excellent. Still, the different bands listed across five to six decades of musical acts is pretty impressive.

People from California and Texas to across the pond to Great Britain are airing their minds. In fact, even a few people posted that they had not been to a bad concert yet.

With this list’s answers out now, and this happening so close to Christmas, some might consider this as part of the “Airing of Grievances” for Festivus. Take note: Festivus is just a holiday made up thanks to a 90s sitcom, Seinfeld. So if you do recognize Festivus in your household, then we wish you a merry one.

Lost of Fans Would Have Loved to See Prince in His Prime

Looking at other answers from the extended list, it’s amazing how many people wished that they could have seen Prince in his prime.

While fans listed some bands under “worst concert,” there were others whose vote countered the sad fans. These “rock concert” fans seemed to have great wisdom about it all. Putting these lists together does take a little time and forethought.

Rock, pop, new wave, blues, soul, country…all genres are recognized in these lists. It’s pretty interesting to look at the acts that have strong followings online. People who do post their answers online appear to have thought through them very carefully.

OK, so let’s ask you: What is the “worst concert” that you’ve been to in your life? Drop your answer on social media and see if it gets picked up.