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Usher Has Tech Issues During Halftime Performance, Viewers Complain Online

Usher Has Tech Issues During Halftime Performance, Viewers Complain Online

Usher started his Super Bowl halftime show with some technical hiccups, leaving viewers straining their ears and asking “Yeah?” Usher started his performance with “Caught Up” and a tribute to his Las Vegas residency, accompanied by numerous dancers and acrobats.

Amidst the screams of fans and a swarm of dancers, those tuning in from home had a hard time hearing. Right from the start of his epic performance, the singer’s microphone seemed to have a love-hate relationship with sound.

NFL fans immediately took to X (formerly Twitter) to drag the NFL for the technical difficulties during Usher’s halftime performance.

“If I were usher I would flipping tables after this about the mic issues,” one fan noted. Another watcher joked, “usher got that mic from temu.”

Other NFL watchers simply wanted the issues fixed. “TURN USHER’S MIC UP!!!!!”, one fan pleaded. Another watcher was a bit more polite. “Can y’all turn Usher mic up a lil bit?”, they asked.

The oversized microphone, covering half his mouth, failed miserably. It was only when Usher introduced Alicia Keys that the sound finally found its balance.

During the performance, at the halfway mark, it appeared that his microphone was swapped by the sound team. He found himself standing in front of a conventional microphone and microphone stand, a setup commonly seen at concerts. Of course, then Usher gave the people what they wanted: Him shirtless.

Shortly thereafter, Usher emerged with an additional microphone affixed to his face, granting him the freedom to dance and even roller skate across the stage. Fortunately, the audio levels stabilized and balanced from the midway point of the performance until its conclusion.

The NFL Declared Usher’s Halftime Performance ‘Iconic’

Despite the technical snafus, the NFL dubbed Usher’s halftime performance “iconic” on X.

Many fans agreed with the NFL’s assessment. “Best half time show ever,” on NFL lover wrote. “THAT WAS SO GOOD,’ another gushed. Meanwhile, another fan was feeling those nostalgic vibes. “Imagine that halftime show lineup in 2005,” they noted.

However, other NFL fans were less than impressed with Usher’s halftime outgoing. One fan couldn’t help but harken back to previous Super Bowl halftime performances.

“Mid at best,” another fan declared. “Iconically bad,” another quipped. “Weak halftime show. Nothing ‘iconic’ about it,” another NFL fan bemoaned.