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Tom Petty’s ‘Love is a Long Road’ Soars on Streaming Following ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Trailer

Tom Petty’s ‘Love is a Long Road’ Soars on Streaming Following ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Trailer

As gaming fans are excited about a new Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, they are showing their love for a Tom Petty song. And this is more than simply liking this song. It’s a declaration that the late Petty would have found a place among these gamers. Fans are happy with Petty’s Love Is a Long Road.

The song comes from Petty’s Full Moon Fever album. This record is important to the recording timeline of Petty. Meanwhile, it marked the first LP that Petty recorded minus the Heartbreakers. Out of this record came three mainstream hits Free Fallin’, I Won’t Back Down, and Runnin’ Down A Dream, Billboard reports.

But the gamers’ attention is on Petty’s song. It’s part of the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. The trailer is on YouTube. It has set viewership records on the platform. What are the streaming numbers?

Tom Petty’s Song Soars In Streaming Numbers

Love Is a Long Road has been getting 4,000-5,000 daily U.S. streams ahead of the weekend. That number, though, popped up to 78,000 on Monday. Social media platforms play the trailer. Those streaming numbers went absolutely berserk on Tuesday, totaling 376,000 streams. Watch those numbers rise once the game gets released.

“Tom Petty isn’t just a heartland rock icon; he’s a Florida icon,” Jill Krajewski, a culture critic who has written about music for Spin and Pitchfork, said. “Choosing a home state hero for G.T.A. when it’s directly inspired by Florida is really savvy on Rockstar’s part.’

“The open road is one of Petty’s muses, particularly on ‘Free Fallin,’” she said to the New York Times. “But this song is the grittier B-side, and it’s far more fitting for the underworlds where Grand Theft Auto takes place.”

Songwriter Refers To Metaphor Of Motorcycle

Love is a Long Road co-writer Mike Campbell says he was influenced by a motorcycle. Campbell said, “I was really into that frame of mind. This feels like a motorcycle shifting gears.” This song was on the B side of the UK release of Free Fallin

Rockstar Games is the company that’s behind Grand Theft Auto VI.

Petty died in 2017. He enjoyed contributing to San Andreas and “would have been honored to see his work featured once more,” his estate said in a statement. Gamers will await the game’s release and probably play some Petty music in the background.