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Paula Abdul Compares Her ‘Surreal Life’ to ‘Forrest Gump’

Paula Abdul Compares Her ‘Surreal Life’ to ‘Forrest Gump’

After more than four decades in the music industry, Paula Abdul is ready to share some details about her “surreal life” as a pop music star.

While speaking to Fox News Digital at the CMA Awards, the Straight Up songstress revealed she is officially working on her memoir. “I’m working on my memoir, which people are like, ‘I can’t believe you haven’t done one yet,” Abdul declared. “It’s just I’ve had so many separate and distinct careers that have hit the stratosphere.”

Paula Abdul also stated that her life story from the time she was born is like the plot of Forrest Gump. “I’m not kidding. The stories are surreal, I can’t make them up.”

Abdul notably began her career as a dancer and was a Laker Girl at one point. She also choreographed Janet Jackson’s Nasty Boy music video before starting her music career with Straight Up and Opposites Attract. In the early 2000s, she was known as the “nice coach” on American Idol.

“It’s really joyful to be able to go through that,” Paula Abdul said about her long-lasting career and writing her memoir. “It’s also daunting to have to go through your whole life. I don’t know if it will all fit in one book, but I’m looking forward to getting it out there because so many people always want to know, ‘How did you become you?’”

However, Abdul added she didn’t have a release date for the book just yet.

Paula Abdul Talks About Presenting Album of the Year at the 2023 CMA Awards

Meanwhile, Paula Abdul spoke to Fox News Digital about what it was like to present the Album of the Year award at the 2023 CMA Awards. “It’s such a beautiful show,” she gushed about the CMAs. “It’s one of my absolute favorites. I’m a big fan of country music.”

Further speaking about what draws her to country music, Abdul stated, “What I love about country is, where sometimes with pop music you lose melody and hooks, you come here and it’s a sigh of relief.”

Paula Abdul also noted that listening to country music actually “soothes” her soul. “There’s beautiful melodies, beautiful storytelling, beautiful hooks, and some of my idols and icons are here tonight.”

Along with speaking about her time at the CMA Awards, Abdul gushed about her recent stint as a guest judge on Dancing with the Stars during Music Video Night.

“It’s great to see my friends on the panel,” she went on to share. “It was great to see my friends who are the dance pros, and it was incredible for me to see the cast members, where they started and now more than halfway through, and where they are now.”