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Paul Stanley Defends Kiss Farewell Tour Setlist

Paul Stanley Defends Kiss Farewell Tour Setlist

Paul Stanley is pushing back against criticism that their setlist is too stagnant for Kiss’s currently running farewell tour. Fans attending multiple dates of the band’s “End of the Road” tour have pointed out that the setlist remains exactly the same regardless of the date. However, the Starchild sees no problem with playing the hits.

“I’ve heard some people complain that the set list doesn’t change, but we put a set list together based on the people who are coming to one [show],” Stanley told Ulitmate Classic Rock. “The person who comes to one show, they don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow night or what happened last night. So somebody sitting at home critiquing the set list is absurd.”

Paul Stanley Maintains that Only Hardcore Kiss Fans Attend Multiple Stops on the Tour

Stanley acknowledges that some music fans may attend multiple stops on the “End of the Road” tour. However, he suggests the majority of Kiss fans will only make it to a single concert.

“It’s wonderful if somebody were actually to come to five or 10 shows, but we tweak a set list to make it as great as it can be for the people who come to see us tonight,” Stanley admits. He feels diehard fans expecting totally different arrangements are asking for the impossible. “The idea of changing the set list each night makes no sense to me, so we don’t do that. And if somebody looks and complains that the set list hasn’t changed, what does it matter to you? You weren’t there.”

Kiss Has Managed to Wedge in a Few Obscure Songs Along the Tour

Despite facing criticism, Kiss’ “End of the Road” tour set lists have been full of surprises. According to Ulitmate Classic Rock, songs like “Shandi” from “Unmasked,” “Nothin’ to Lose” from “Kiss,” and “C’Mon and Love Me” from “Dressed to Kill” have only been performed once in 2023. Of course, chart-topping hits like “Rock and Roll All Nite,” “Detroit Rock City,” and “I Was Made for Loving You” have consistently remained staples in their set lists.

Stanley remains tight-lipped about what surprises may unfold during the tour’s final leg, which commenced yesterday in Cincinnati. Nevertheless, he acknowledges experiencing a medley of emotions as he reflects upon Kiss’ farewell journey on the road.

“It’s one thing to plan the end, which we started planning years ago, but to plan something and then to see the end is imminent, it’s different than seeing it far away,” Stanley detailed. “So, yeah, there certainly is a reality that hits home. You’re on the train and you can see the station.”