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Paul McCartney Reunited with Stolen Hofner Bass After 50 Years

Paul McCartney Reunited with Stolen Hofner Bass After 50 Years

Musicians and their instruments form bonds that stand the test of time. Go ask Paul McCartney about it and he’ll tell you a story. For Sir Paul, it goes back to the early 1960s. He purchased a Hofner bass guitar, which he played religiously with the Beatles. McCartney even had it with him into the 1970s after he formed Wings.

When the bass disappeared, sound engineer Ian Horne was there. Horne reached out once he learned of the Lost Bass Project, which was started in the hopes of finding the Hofner. Former Hofner employee Nick Wass and journalists Scott and Naomi Jones got together to create the Lost Bass Project.

Information reached them that the bass had been stolen from a truck in Notting Hill back in 1972. Horne added his bit of the tale, saying that the bass was taken while McCartney and Wings were preparing for a tour.

Paul McCartney Bass Found By Lost Bass Project

According to Remind Magazine, Horne said he felt guilty about letting the bass get stolen. Yet he also said that McCartney never got angry at Horne over the disappearance.

Then, in some sort of miracle, the Lost Bass Project released a statement. It said, “As a result of the publicity someone living in a terraced house on the south coast of England remembered an old bass guitar that was in their attic. They got this out and realized just what they had. Within days it was back with Paul McCartney!”

Upon learning of this news, McCartney verified that the Hofner was his. He then went on his website and issued the following statement: “Following the launch of last year’s Lost Bass project, Paul’s 1961 Höfner 500/1 bass guitar, which was stolen in 1972, has been returned. The guitar has been authenticated by Höfner and Paul is incredibly grateful to all those involved.”

Man, the stories that bass guitar could tell! McCartney just used it in so many Beatles recordings, its sound mixed with George Harrison’s guitar, John Lennon’s vocals and guitar, and Ringo Starr’s drums. The fact that the person who found it had no idea it was McCartney’s is a bit mind-blowing.

Now that he has his blessed Hofner bass guitar back in the fold, fans might hear him play it on records again. McCartney remains quite active as a singer and songwriter. One time, McCartney offered a little inside peek into his songwriting process.

McCartney Uses iPhone To Record Melodies

He told Howard Stern in an interview that he uses his Apple iPhone a lot. McCartney said that a melody might come to his mind, so he went and picked up his phone and recorded that melody there. He said that he does this maybe many times during the day. And he will save them in there, going to check one out when he gets into his studio.

At 81 years old, McCartney shows no signs of slowing down. In the past year, he’s been out on the road with his “Got Back” tour. No one is sure if he’s going to be back on the road in 2024. McCartney appears to love what he’s doing and enjoys performing in front of his millions of fans.

He does stay a bit active with notes and photos here and there on social media. But McCartney does not live on these platforms. At this point, McCartney seems to be enjoying the fruits of his labor. He provided fans with a book of never-before-seen photos McCartney took in the early years of the Beatles. They were part of a larger exhibition, too.

Just when you think McCartney is done, he’ll surprise people one more time. It will be interesting to see what Sir Paul provides his fans in 2024.