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*NSYNC Members Rally Behind Justin Timberlake Amid Britney Spears Memoir Buzz

*NSYNC Members Rally Behind Justin Timberlake Amid Britney Spears Memoir Buzz

*NSYNC are showing their support to their boyband mate Justin Timberlake after ex-Britney Spears spilled the tea about him in her new memoir. TMZ reports that boyband members Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and JC Chasez are standing by Justin, supporting the beleaguered pop star amid the fallout of The Woman in Me.

According to sources close to the stars, Timberlake’s fellow *NSYNC performers are still excited for their reunion, despite the backlash Timberlake is currently facing.

In her new book, Spears Railroads her former beau Justin Timberlake. She holds him responsible for persuading her to have an abortion, accuses him of infidelity, and alleges that an encounter with Justin caused a panic attack that marred her 2007 VMA performance.

The *NSYNC Star is Under Fire Following ‘The Woman in Me’ Hitting the Shelves

Published on Tuesday, The Woman in Me chronicles Spears’ personal challenges during her ascent to stardom, along with the 13-year conservatorship imposed on her in 2008 after a 5150 psychiatric hold. In her new book, the “I’m a Slave 4 U” singer addresses a long-standing rumor about her alleged infidelity during her early relationship with Timberlake. While confirming that she did share a kiss with choreographer Wade Robson, who was working with Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC during their 2000 “No Strings Attached Tour,” Britney Spears explains that it was in response to rumors of Timberlake’s own unfaithfulness.

“We were out one night and we went to a Spanish bar,” Spears wrote in an excerpt published by The Sun. “We danced and danced. I made out with him that night.” Nonetheless, Spears emphasized that she had remained faithful to Timberlake with the exception of that one incident. She revealed that despite her involvement with Robson, they were able to overcome the situation and continue their relationship until 2002. Regarding their breakup, Spears expressed that Timberlake ended their relationship through a text message, which left her feeling “devastated.”

Justin Timberlake is no Stranger to Controversy

In 2021, Justin Timberlake embarked on an apology tour where he expressed remorse to both the Spears and his former Super Bowl collaborator, Janet Jackson. The “Cry Me a River” singer received more scrutiny in recent years due to his lack of support for Janet Jackson following the fallout from their Super Bowl XXXVIII performance. Infamously, Timberlake exposed one of Jackson’s breasts, leading to outrage from viewers.

Of course, at the time Timberlake distanced himself from Jackson and allowed her to take the heat. Around the same era, he publicly implied Spears cheated on him in the video for “Cry Me a River”. He acknowledged his past “ignorance” and sought to make amends for any harm caused. It’s unclear whether he will do so again in the near future.