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Justin Timberlake Drops First Track From Upcoming Album in New Video

Justin Timberlake Drops First Track From Upcoming Album in New Video

For fans of Justin Timberlake who have been waiting for new music from the singer, the wait is finally over on Thursday. Timberlake released Selfish both for on-air play and in video form, too. The song is part of his new album Everything I Thought It Was, which is due out on March 15.

So, what’s the story behind Timberlake’s album name? He fills in the blanks during an interview with Apple Music 1’s host Zane Lowe.

“I was playing it for people around me,” Timberlake said. “They’re like, ‘Oh, this sounds like everything we know you for.’ And then another friend of mine was like, ‘Oh, this sounds like everything I thought I wanted from you.’

“It was like that sort of phrase, in one way or another, was in the air,” he said. “And I thought to myself about how some of the songs are more introspective and some of them are more what I think people know me for.” Timberlake is scheduled to be a guest on Thursday night’s The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Fans can also see him as the musical guest, not the host, on Saturday Night Live. Timberlake has hosted the comedy show in the past, but he’ll take a pass this time.

“I flirted with the idea of, ‘Should I host or ask to host?’” Timberlake told Lowe. “And then I just thought, ‘No, this album is really special to me in a different way’ … but I also cannot imagine that I won’t get pulled into a sketch or two. It’s only natural. And I’m here for it.”

Justin Timberlake’s Song Influenced by John Lennon

As far as the song Selfish goes, Justin Timberlake said that he was influenced and inspired by the classic John Lennon song Jealous Guy, Good Morning America reports. “We were talking about the song itself and just breaking down the idea that you just don’t hear that from men often, that they would express an emotion that makes them vulnerable,” Timberlake said. “And then growing up the way I grew up, you’re taught not to do that.”

While Timberlake is celebrating his new single, rumors are rolling around about his marriage to Jessica Biel. There have been some reports that Biel will be divorcing Justin Timberlake. Some reports have been attempting to link Biel’s issues with what Britney Spears experienced with Timberlake.

There has been no official word released about whether or not the couple could be divorcing.

His Comments On Britney Spears Resurface

Speaking of Spears, there have been some comments from Timberlake in a 2006 interview released. In an interview with journalist Robert Haskell, Timberlake said, “I dated Britney half my life but I don’t know that person anymore. I’m not sure I knew her before. If I was writing an article about [Britney], I would not be able to fight the urge to write every dirty thing about her.” This comes from a 2023 article in Us Magazine.

Justin Timberlake is putting his energy around his career. He’s recently announced that he would play a one-night-only concert at Irving Plaza in New York City on Jan. 31. Tickets to this show are free, so it’s first come, first served.

By the way, this concert also coincides with Timberlake’s birthday. So He will be celebrating in a big way with his New York City fans.

It will be interesting to see which songs Timberlake picks for his SNL appearance. He could perform one song off his new LP and possibly toss in an oldie but goodie for longtime fans. We will just have to wait and see.