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Julian Lennon Admits ‘Hey Jude’ Drives Him ‘Up the Wall’

Julian Lennon Admits ‘Hey Jude’ Drives Him ‘Up the Wall’

For years, fans of The Beatles have known that Hey Jude has a very special connection with Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon. But Julian is offering a little different perspective about the song itself. He spoke about it in an interview that Esquire published on Monday.

Lennon said that the song has, at times, just allowed him to have “been driven up the wall.” Now 60 years old, Julian Lennon said the song’s original title was Hey Jules. It was written by Paul McCartney. Lennon’s parents were John Lennon and John’s first wife, Cynthia. McCartney wrote the song “to console Mum, and also to console me,” Julian Lennon said.

“It’s a beautiful sentiment, no question about that, and I’m very thankful — but I’ve also been driven up the wall by it,” Lennon said. “I love the fact that he wrote a song about me and for Mum, but depending on what side of the bed one woke up on, and where you’re hearing it, it can be a good or a slightly frustrating thing. But in my heart of hearts, there’s not a bad word I could say about it.”

Julian Lennon Recognizes Significance of ‘Hey Jude’ Lyrics

Lennon said, “The lyrics are pertinent even now. They’re about making life better and taking the weight off my shoulders, especially on the path I followed as a musician — following Dad.”

He put out his seventh album titled Jude back in September 2022. The project is, in fact, titled after Hey Jude. It represents his own journey as the son of John Lennon. But it also represents Julian’s pathway into the world of music and even life itself.

“It was very much reflective, looking in the mirror deeply and trying to find that place of peace,” Lennon said in an interview with People. “I found it one or two times before, but it got lost in the middle of life. Working on the album was about getting in touch with myself and who I am.”

Lennon, whose most recent well-known song is Save Me, talked about moving past having a tough relationship with his father. He said that he “resolved many issues way back when” with John Lennon, and has long let go of any negative thinking. Julian lost his father when he was murdered outside The Dakota in New York City in December 1980.

Musician Has Learned To Let Go Of Negativity

In a reflective moment, Julian displays a level of maturity when speaking of negativity. He appears to have learned that hanging on to any of it does damage a person’s whole being.

“When you hold a grudge or when there’s negativity in your life, it doesn’t necessarily hurt other people, it hurts you,” he said. “And when you feel that damage on a physical and emotional level over the years, it can break you down. I haven’t carried any negativity with me for a long, long time. But you still have to work through a few knots here and there, just to relax properly. And I think probably the last few years have done that for me.”