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Joan Jett Missed the Chance to Put Her Biggest Hit on This Cult Classic Soundtrack

Joan Jett Missed the Chance to Put Her Biggest Hit on This Cult Classic Soundtrack

When it comes to rock and roll, one name that is synonymous with a similar song title is the great Joan Jett. Jett, backed up by her band, the Blackhearts, had a massive hit in 1982 with I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll. For Jett, she took a song originally done by band members of Arrow and revamped it. This song came out at a time when MTV was brand new and looking for video material.

Jett put that song on a rocket and rode it to the top of the Billboard charts. The song has memorable lyrics and with a steady beat from Jett and her crew, it still holds up all these years later.

There is no doubt that Jett made a good amount of money off of I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll. Did you know that she could have made a lot more? It’s possible.

Joan Jett Was Riding High Back In 1982

But we have to go back to 1982 and one of that year’s surprising hit movies, Flashdance. Jennifer Beals starred in it and that movie produced two hit songs. Irene Cara’s soaring vocals carried Flashdance…What A Feeling all the way to the top of the charts. Michael Sembello’s Maniac, with its driving beat and lyrics, also went to No. 1.

People flocked to see this movie. They also bought up the Flashdance soundtrack record. Besides Cara and Sembello, Donna Summer, Laura Branigan, and Kim Carnes popped up on there.

OK, so how popular was the Flashdance soundtrack? It sold 20 million copies. It almost seemed like a person would wear out their copy, and then go and get another one. But Flashdance was a massive hit. And it was one of those movies that happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Why Didn’t The Song Appear On The Soundtrack?

Joan Jett’s hit song was in the movie. It comes on at the end of Flashdance. But alas, I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll did not find a place on the soundtrack. You might ask, “Why not?”

A couple of reasons might be in play here. It’s possible that Jett did not want her rock anthem playing among a bunch of dance music. That would have been a call that Jett made herself. Another possibility is that record studio politics play a role.

Still, the fact that Jett’s song is not on the Flashdance soundtrack means that she missed out on a bigger payday. On the other hand, Jett’s anthem brings people in karaoke and regular bars together. After all, isn’t that was rock ‘n’ roll is all about?