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Jimmy Page Plays Epic ‘Rumble’ Cover in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony Video

Jimmy Page Plays Epic ‘Rumble’ Cover in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony Video

Jimmy Page inducted guitar legend Link Wray into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and performed his iconic song, “Rumble” at the ceremony. Before the surprise performance, the Led Zepplin legend appeared via video revealing Wray’s influence on his music.

“In those days, there were many guitar instrumentals, but as a 14-year-old kid who could barely play the guitar, [‘Rumble’] really had an effect on me,” Page explained. “The vigor and the strength and the power in it. And you know something else, it was fearless. It was just phenomenal. The essence of cool.” The Rock Hall shared the epic footage on Twitter.

Wray has been eligible for induction into the Rock Hall since its founding in 1986. It’s hard to understand why his induction took so long considering his prolific influence on guitar players for generations. Wray passed away in 2005. The 1958 song “Rumble” is unique as it was banned from the radio due to concerns that its title alone could incite violence.

Page’s appearance at the 2023 Rock Hall ceremony raised eyebrows, but his unabashed adoration for Wray was hardly a shocker. It was practically etched in stone, evident in the 2008 documentary It Might Get Loud. There, Page spills the beans about his love for “Rumble”.

He goes as far as digging through his treasure trove of records to unearth the 45 of that iconic track. As the needle drops, his face lights up like a kid in a candy store. And, of course, he can’t resist some air guitar action while the tune fills the air.

This year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees include Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliott, George Michael, Willie Nelson, Rage Against The Machine, and The Spinners. Link Wray and hip hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc were inducted in the Musical Excellence category, while Bernie Taupin, Al Kooper, and Chaka Khan received the Award For Musical Excellence.

Jimmy Page Is in the Rock Hall Twice

Jimmy Page was honored with two inductions in the ’90s. Initially, he was inducted as a member of The Yardbirds in 1992. Subsequently, in 1995, Page was again inducted into the Rock Hall, this time as a member of Led Zeppelin.

Page has seldom made public appearances in the last two decades. His most recent live musical performance was a brief rendition of “Ramble On” during a 2014 interview on a French TV show. He collaborated with Roy Harper in 2011 and participated in the Led Zeppelin reunion in 2007.

In contrast, Robert Plant, Page’s former bandmate from Led Zeppelin, has maintained a more active touring schedule. He has embarked on solo tours and has also performed with Alison Krauss, resulting in the release of two albums.