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How To Watch Dolly Parton’s Cowboys Cheerleader Halftime Performance

How To Watch Dolly Parton’s Cowboys Cheerleader Halftime Performance

By now, a lot of National Football League and music fans have seen photos of Dolly Parton performing on Thursday. Parton was the featured halftime performer at the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Commanders game at AT&T Stadium.

Because this was on Thanksgiving, it’s possible that some people were spending time with family and friends. You know, getting down with the turkey, dressing, or stuffing. That’s very possible, meaning that you didn’t see the halftime show.

So, the question becomes where can you see it? Thankfully, we do have an answer for you. It did not take long for the NFL to put Parton’s halftime show up on its YouTube channel. As of Friday afternoon, nearly 1.5 million views of her performance had taken place.

Parton was limited in time due to her taking the stage at halftime. Yet she managed to sing a few numbers for the sold-out crowd. Parton opened with Jolene, then segued into 9 to 5. Parton has been out doing press and some singing performances in support of her latest album, Rockstar.

Dolly Parton Performed Two Songs From ‘Rockstar’

On Thursday, she picked out two songs from that project and performed them. They were We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You, originally performed by the supergroup Queen. Parton was supported on the stage by a solid backup band. They were able to smoothly go from country to rock and make it feel seamless.

OK, so where can you go see this performance? If you want to check out Parton’s halftime show, then you can go right HERE. In the wake of Parton’s show, many people headed out to social media. Most of the comments were in support of Parton and her performance.

Of course, not everyone will be in agreement. Will Compton, a former National Football League player, was one voice of discontent around Parton’s show. Fans, though, replied to him, in essence, that for a 77-year-old woman, she did pretty well.

It’s a good thing that the halftime show was superb in many people’s eyes. The NFL game itself was not much of a contest at all. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott threw for four touchdowns in a 45-10 Dallas rout. After that defeat, Washington fired defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio on Friday.

Having Parton perform was a solid pick, pretty much ensuring that large numbers of viewers would tune in to see her. Fans of the NFL do keep track of halftime acts on Thanksgiving. Detroit had rapper Jack Harlow earlier in the day. At night, Seattle invited Grammy Award winner Steve Aoki to perform. Sadly, NBC didn’t give him any real-time during the Sunday night game between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks.