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Hip Hop Icon Loses It Over Cher’s Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade Performance

Hip Hop Icon Loses It Over Cher’s Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade Performance

Cher put on quite a show on Thursday at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and even got a hip-hop star’s salute. On a pretty good weather day in New York City, Cher joined the throng of many other performers and balloons along the famed parade route.

Her effort was shown on NBC during its coverage. When she finished her number, the camera panned out into the crowd. Who do you think they showed? None other than the immortal Flavor Flav. Yes, Flav was clapping his hands and cheering Cher on.

As parades go, there are so many people who pack in the parade route to see the show. The fact that they caught Flavor Flav clapping for Cher was pretty cool. It just shows some people that Cher still has “it” to get audiences on their feet. She’s been doing that since the 1960s when she teamed up with the late Sonny Bono for their iconic duo.

Cher Sings New Christmas Song At Macy’s Parade

Among the songs Cher performed included a new Christmas song titled DJ Play a Christmas Song. It’s off of her latest album simply titled Christmas. This was the first of a couple of Cher sightings in the Big Apple as the Christmas season cranks up.

Cher will be at the famed Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting. Reportedly, she will team up with the incredible Darlene Love and sing Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). She’s also due to perform a solo number at the event, too, according to People.

What’s interesting to note is that after all of the albums Cher has done in her career, this Christmas album happens to be her first holiday one.

“I’ve made so many albums, and some of the ones I thought were as good as I could like an album of mine weren’t hits,” she said. “And then other ones that I was not that excited about [were].

“So I like this album. I’m not a Cher fan, but I like doing it,” Cher said. “When I listen to [Christmas], I think this worked out.”

Obviously, she has picked up many fans throughout her long career. Some of them may remember that Cher had a variety show on TV in the 1970s. She famously wore different Bob Mackie gowns, and some of them were definitely eye-catching.

Thankfully (or maybe not so sometimes), the Internet picks up random clips and shares them with others. One making the rounds recently is Cher doing “The Robot” dance with Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Yes, it’s that old.

Cher has been able to stay in the entertainment spotlight thanks to her work in movies, music, and even Las Vegas dates. It’s pretty amazing that she, at 77, is still creating new music and new memories.