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Here’s Why Dolly Parton Has Never Played the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Here’s Why Dolly Parton Has Never Played the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Dolly Parton may be one of the biggest stars to ever grace the entertainment business, but she humbly believes she’s not quite big enough to lead a Super Bowl Halftime show. 

The singer gave her first-ever NFL halftime performance this Thanksgiving during the Cowboys and Commanders game. The show was a massive hit and still has social media buzzing today, so it seems odd that Parton has never taken a similar stage in the past. 

Unsurprisingly, this past holiday wasn’t the first time the Jolene singer has been asked to sing at a halftime event. She’s been invited to many throughout her 55-year career—including the Super Bowl. 

One would think any singer would jump at the chance to be the face of the Super Bowl. But Dolly Parton always assumed she wasn’t a big enough star to accept. 

“I’ve been offered that many times,” she told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month. “I couldn’t do it because of other things, or I just didn’t think I was big enough to do it — to do that big of a production. When you think about those shows, those are big, big productions. I’ve never done anything with that big of a production. I don’t know if I could have. I think at the time that’s what I was thinking.”

Dolly Parton Might Consider a Super Bowl Show Now That She’s an Official Rockstar

During her decades as a singer, Parton has won 10 Grammy awards and earned 54 further nominations. She’s also charted 25 No. 1 songs on Billboard Hot Country Songs. And she’s had two Oscar nods for her songwriting genius. So most would disagree with her thinking she’s too small for a Super Bowl show. 

However, Dolly Parton is feeling a bit more emboldened these days. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, which was a feat she also turned down in the past. And because of the honor, she recorded her first rock album, appropriately titled Rockstar

The album dropped on Nov. 17 and includes duets with several major rockers. Now that Parton has made the jump from country music, she thinks she may be more prepared to perform at an event as massive as The Super Bowl. 

“It would make more sense,” she admitted. “That might change. I might be able to do a production show.”