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Heart Icon Ann Wilson Opens Up About Aging and Body Acceptance at 73

Heart Icon Ann Wilson Opens Up About Aging and Body Acceptance at 73

Former Heart frontwoman, Ann Wilson, is still performing and looking and feeling great at 73.

Wilson jumped into the music scene five decades ago and helped her band become legendary with hits like Barracuda. Today, she takes the stage as a solo singer. Just last month, she released a new album, Another Door, and she’s been touring since July.

Wilson took a break from her tour to headline the annual Women Who Rock Benefit Concert on Oct. 21. The event raises funds for women’s health research and highlights female singers from all over the globe. Before performing, she spoke with PEOPLE and explained why she feels connected to the cause. 

“The whole idea is everyone is allowed to be sexy and be powerful no matter what shape you’re in,” she shared. “I think there’s some pretty good movement in certain areas about that — aging and body acceptance and all that.”

Ann Wilson Recalls Past Body Shaming 

Ann Wilson has opened up in the past about her lifelong experiences with bullying. In 2021, she detailed the horrifying body shaming she dealt with while she was in her prime during a chat on Mind Wide Open. Wilson explained that the MTV days in the 80s pressured women to look like supermodels. Reading the judgmental reviews wore her down and affected her mental health. One in particular has always stayed with her. 

“There were a couple of reviews that were so cruel, so personal, and just nasty,” she said, per WMMR. “We were in an airport, and I read this review from the night before that really just landed on me for everything that was wrong with me. It didn’t even mention that I sang. I read this review, and it was so nasty I had to go find a restroom, get into a stall, and just chill because I felt I was going to go crazy. It was all so much. I couldn’t take all that personal criticism on a huge public scale.”

The singer had an interesting perspective on body shaming as well. In her opinion, it is “a really neat way” to keep “people in their place” when they’re getting too much fame or standing up for themselves. She believes that modern-day movements have helped keep the bullying at bay, however. 

Today, Ann Wilson has learned to look past those painful memories and love her youthful stamina. She explained to PEOPLE that she takes care of herself mentally and physically with mindful habits and good nutrition. She also cut down on drinking, which she said was a problem in the past. 

“I’m not 100% sober,” she admitted. “Usually, I have a glass of white wine after the show, but that’s all it’s down to now. I got a really good handle on it. It’s actually really good, and it does help me with stamina, and I do a really good warmup.”