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Green Day Slams TikTok Users for Finding New Music ‘Via Algorithms’

Green Day Slams TikTok Users for Finding New Music ‘Via Algorithms’

Pop punk mainstays Green Day are celebrating some major milestones while shaking their fists at music algorithms. The trio’s latest album, Saviors, marks their reunion with producer Rob Cavallo, known for his work on their seminal works, 1994’s Dookie and 2004’s American Idiot.

“We’ve got a new album, a 30-year anniversary for Dookie, and a 20-year anniversary for American Idiot, and we are going out on the road to play songs from them all,” frontman Billy Joe Armstrong gushed to The Sun.

However, don’t go discovering Green Day’s tunes through social media and music streaming algorithms. Bassist Mike Dirnt expressed his preference for organically discovering new things. “Social media is great for kids, but if you’re finding your music via algorithms then that’s just lazy,” Dirnt explained. “All I can say is just clear your search history to find new [stuff].”

Greenday’s Billy Joe Armstrong On How Algorithms Negatively Impact Internet Users

Armstrong also voiced his strong aversion towards algorithms and their ability to manipulate content. “With all the algorithms that people live on, there’s so much false information, and there’s people diagnosing themselves with Asperger’s off TikTok,” the Green Day singer said. “That’s absurd to me.”

Armstrong also prefers conveying his significant messages through his songs rather than simply posting them on social media. “My opinions are always in my songs,” he pointed out. “I don’t like to Tweet or Instagram about politics, because you’re contributing to insane people who are just arguing and taking sides. So, I write about it in my songs.”

However, Green Day does acknowledge a few advantages of social media platforms and algorithms. “I was told that ‘Brain Stew’ was a sudden popular thing on TikTok with a lot of hip-hop kids dancing to it,” Armstrong admitted. “And that’s cool. But I don’t have the patience to use it. It’s just like, eurgh. It’s cool for other people but we’re old-school, man.”

Meanwhile, long-time drummer Tré Cool saw things a bit differently than his bandmates. “We say this now but as soon as we hang up, we’ll be making a TikTok account,” he joked.

Green Day’s Saviors Tour starts in Spain in May and then heads to the UK in June. They will perform in Manchester, Glasgow, and London’s Wembley Stadium, and headline at the Isle of Wight Festival. The tour is set to hit the United States in Late July, running through September.