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George Harrison’s Witty Response to Being Stabbed 40 Times Revealed in New Biography

George Harrison’s Witty Response to Being Stabbed 40 Times Revealed in New Biography

Nearly 35 years after George Harrison was almost murdered in his and Olivia’s Friar Park mansion, biographer Philip Norman reflects on the musician’s reaction to the situation. 

In his new book George Harrison: The Reluctant Beatle, Norman wrote about how an intruder broke into the mansion on Dec. 30, 1999. He stated that Olivia first thought the sound of breaking glass was a falling chandelier in the couple’s home. After Olivia woke him, Harrison went to investigate what caused the noise. He ended up following the smell of cigarette smoke and found a man holding a stone sword from a smashed statue as well as a kitchen knife. 

After attempting to grab the knife from the intruder who was later identified as Michael Abram, Harrison ended up being stabbed repeatedly. The Beatles bandmate once recalled the situation and said he thought to himself, “I’m being murdered in my own house.”

Harrison was stabbed 40 times by Abram. He suffered a punctured lung but still survived. However, less than two years later, the musician passed away at the age of 58 after battling cancer.

Biographer States George Harrison’s Intruder Incident Was Similar to John Lennon’s Murder

While promoting his book, Philip Norman told Fox New Digital that the situation at George Harrison’s home was very similar to the murder of Harrison’s bandmate, John Lennon. 

“It was very much another of Mark David Chapman and John Lennon, which led to John’s assassination in 1980,” Norman explained. “It’s fan worship that curdles in hatred because, in some way, the fan thinks the object of his love and attention has betrayed his ideals in some way.”

Norman also pointed out that Harrison and Lennon’s band was seen as more than just a boy band. “They were like a philosophy, a way of life and ethos. When the real Beatles don’t measure up to that, that creates this desire for vengeance. George did nearly become the second Beatle to be assassinated by someone who had a grudge against him.”

The biography also pointed out that George Harrison nearly died four times before first responders arrived on the scene. His son Dhani was by his side the whole time. The musician stated that he was “pulled back” from the brink by the sound of the sound of Dhani’s voice. Harrison survived but the incident was described as a devastating psychological and physical attack. 

“This attack occurred in his home, one that he loved,” Norman added. “It was so different from the tiny house he grew up in Liverpool. The gardens were his pride and joy. He thought he might be remembered as a gardener more than a musician. And he was always so private.”