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Elvis to Return to the Stage in Concert Featuring AI, Holograms

Elvis to Return to the Stage in Concert Featuring AI, Holograms

Elvis Presley fans can get ready for The King to appear in concert again, although it will be through modern technology. This will be done through the power of what is called immersive concerts. Look for the Elvis Evolution show to hit the stage in London in November before traveling to Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo.

Layered Reality, a British immersive entertainment company, secured the show’s rights. They’ve handled immersive events for the War of the Worlds in the company’s past. Layered Reality said in a statement that Presley will appear in a life-sized way on stage using AI, holographic projection, augmented reality, live theatre, and multi-sensory effects.

Layered Reality Will Handle Elvis AI Concert

When approached about this news, Layered Reality CEO Andrew McGuinness said the concert would be “a next-generation tribute to the musical legend.” This also will allow people to “step into the world of Elvis and walk in his shoes.” The immersive event will feature a bar, a restaurant, and live music.

While this is a new experience for Elvis Presley fans, the mechanism for making it all happen has been in place for 18 months. ABBA Voyage, which had direct support from the four ABBA musicians, hit London at that time. It’s been a huge hit.

So, the company wants to come over to the United States and have the Elvis Presley concert play here.

The Elvis show will be different from the ABBA shows since Presley has been dead since Aug. 16, 1977. Holograms have been used for events featuring images of Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson.

Presley has remained an international superstar for decades after his death. Fans both young and old continue to bop to his music today. Ah, the music. Yes, it will be part of the show. Songs like “Hound Dog” and “Return to Sender” might be part of the setlist.

The King Got Help From Early TV Shows

In television’s early days, Elvis Presley made appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and the Texaco Star Theater with Milton Berle. One of his most memorable TV spots had Presley, wearing a full tuxedo, go sing Hound Dog to a basset hound on The Steve Allen Show.

The King made sure that he looked good before going on television or out in public. From clothes to sunglasses, Elvis wanted to put forth a good image to his fans. Speaking of those Elvis fanatics, they will gather near Graceland in Memphis, Tenn. January 8 marks Presley’s birthday and it’s turned into a big event. People come from all walks of life to make a pilgrimage to Graceland.

With this AI-techno-centric concert, Presley fans who may not have been alive when he was can experience some type of Elvis concert event. And probably don’t expect Presley’s image to be that of an overweight Elvis. They’ll make sure to offer the best image that they can find of Presley for the show.

Even all these years later, Presley remains a marketable name. His estate has amassed millions of dollars through wise marketing moves. Visitors gladly pay to get a chance to tour Graceland, Elvis Radio has been one of the most popular stations on SiriusXM since the service started airing.