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Dolly Parton’s Least Favorite Songs of Her Career Probably Won’t Surprise You

Dolly Parton’s Least Favorite Songs of Her Career Probably Won’t Surprise You

Dolly Parton once shared which of her songs are her least favorite, and her answers probably won’t surprise you.

The country singer has been a worldwide legend for nearly six decades. After dropping her first album, Hello, I’m Dolly, in 1967, and it reached No. 11 on the Billboard Top Country chart, she found instant fame. And she hasn’t slowed down. The now 77-year-old currently holds the record for the most number-one hits by a female artist on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart with 25. And she has 12 Grammys on her mantle.

The massive success hasn’t gone to Dolly’s head, however. The humble blonde has admitted that not everything she’s produced has been gold, and she’s still learning how to perfect her craft. But as she advanced in her career, she learned to only release projects she’s proud of—which wasn’t the case in her earlier years.

Dolly Parton Has ‘Written Some Suckers’

While visiting Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 2003, Parton revealed two of her personal songs that make her cringe today, I Don’t Want To Throw Rice, which is featured on her debut album, and I’ll Oilwells Love You, which was part of her third studio album, Just Because I’m A Woman.

“Oh, you know, you’ve always got, when you’re a songwriter, you think they’re all good,” she told O’Brien when he asked about her most loathed projects. “It’s like how everybody thinks their kids are pretty, even if they’re not. But yeah, there’s songs. I wrote this song once about a man; it’s about a man that owned a bunch of oil wells, and I was trying to marry him.”

No, I Will Oilwells Love You has nothing to do with her 1974 award-winning hit, I Will Always Love You.

I Don’t Want To Throw Rice tells the story of a jealous woman who wants to throw rocks instead of rice on a wedding day because the bride stole her lover. O’Brien even admitted that while Dolly Parton has “written so many great songs,” that one doesn’t exactly “roll off the tongue.”

“Yeah, I’ve got some suckers in there,” she laughed. “But I’ve got a few good ones.”