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Corey Feldman Is Opening For Limp Bizkit And The Internet Can’t Believe It

Corey Feldman Is Opening For Limp Bizkit And The Internet Can’t Believe It

Music fans of Limp Bizkit heard some good news on Tuesday when their favorite band will hit the road with Corey Feldman opening. Um, that’s right. Feldman, best known for his acting work, has performed with Limp Bizkit before and has done concerts, too.

Now, you might think this news would be universally celebrated and honored. Some people are welcoming it; others not so much. But let’s take a look at what Feldman posted on X on Tuesday.

So, let’s see what type of reaction Feldman’s announcement was getting. One person wrote, “COREY FELDMAN?!?!? Why???? My younger coworker just said ‘I don’t even know who that is’.” This person posted, “‘Corey Feldman’ and ‘Limp Bizkit’ are two things I’ve never thought would be together in my life.”

The tour opens up on July 16 at Somerset, Wisc. This fan is less than impressed by the lineup for the Limp Bizkit Tour. “Just in case there was any question that Limp Bizkit was at the bottom of the barrel now, Corey Feldman opening? Really? lol”.

This Fan Can’t Believe Corey Feldman, Limp Bizkit Are Touring Together

Now, we come to this fan who can’t believe what’s going down with Limp Bizkit and Feldman. “WHAT YEAR IS IT?!?!?! Did they fire up the Large Hadron Collider again? Are we back in 2000? If Corey Feldman and Limp Bizkit are famous again I’ll honestly take it over whatever 2023 was”. Here’s another fan with a quick take on Limp Bizkit and Feldman touring together: “Limp Bizkit had my curiosity, but Corey Feldman has my attention.”

This fan is all gung-ho about having Feldman and Limp Bizkit on the same stage. He wrote, “I think it’s cool that Limp Bizkit would add Corey Feldman to their tour next year because if anyone knows what it’s like for Corey Feldman to not be able to pay his mom’s rent, it’s Fred Durst.”

Meanwhile, this fan refers to a brush with greatness he and his mom had with Feldman. “I like when Corey Feldman trends,” this person wrote. “We used to talk at Starbucks and he’s literally the coolest guy cause he sat with me and my mom for like 30 minutes when I took her out for coffee, chatting with us and she had no clue who he was. He loved that and was always cool to me after.”

This fan is geeked to see Feldman hit the stage. “Corey Feldman opening up for Limp Bizkit is the greatest thing ever”. Much like this fan who hit X on Tuesday, some people didn’t realize that Feldman actually was a musician. He wrote, “I had no idea Corey Feldman was a musician until today”.