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Bret Michaels Reveals When He Knew Poison ‘Hit the Big Time’

Bret Michaels Reveals When He Knew Poison ‘Hit the Big Time’

Bret Michaels of Poison loves to look back in history and see when his band “hit the big time,” as he put it. He could look at a specific moment and recognize it playing an important role in the band’s history. For Michaels, this had to also do with a popular record club.

He talked about this while being a guest on Trunk Nation, a SiriusXM program with host Eddie Trunk. This moment is one that Michaels calls “one of the biggest days of my life.”

Michaels said, “When Poison’s Look What the Cat Dragged In made it to Columbia House.” He noted that moment in Poison’s history around the band’s 1986 debut album. “That, literally, I’m not making it up. When I saw it on there I said, ‘That’s it. We hit the big time.’”

Bret Michaels Learns Lesson About Columbia House

The Columbia House record club really was a big deal at one time, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. For one penny, you could get up to 11 albums at one time. But in the fine print, Columbia House knows that future sales will be at “regular club prices.” Customers had to offer a guarantee that they would buy five more albums at their regular price.

Michaels, though, didn’t read too deep into that order form. “I never bothered to read the fine print underneath,” Michaels said. He adds that his dad warned him about Columbia House’s shady tactics.

“He goes, ‘Did you read this part at the bottom?’ I go, ‘No.’ I said, ‘They’re just giving me everything for a penny,’” Michaels recalled. “(And) He goes, ‘No, no. You’ve got to read.’ Because he knew he was going to be the one holding the bag for it. But he made me, I worked. I did some lawn mowing and snow shoveling to work through the rest of those club pricing,” Michaels said.

It appears that Michaels will be getting Parti-Gras back up and running for 2024. Among the acts lined up right now include former Eagles member Don Felder, Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider, and country music singer Chris Janson.

Singer Ready For ‘Flavortown Fest’

While all of that is still in the planning stages, Michaels is booked for Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Fest. This event is slotted to run between June 1-2. Besides Michaels, other acts apparently on board with Fieri include Greta Van Fleet and Kane Brown on the Main Stage. They all will be helped along by LOCASH (Preston Brust and Chris Lucas) and Nikko Moon.

“You’ve been askin’ and we’ve been plannin’… Flavortown Fest is comin’ to Columbus!” Fieri said in the official announcement. “And I couldn’t be more stoked to finally announce that we’re bringing the heat to the Flavortown stage with my buddies Kane Brown, Greta Van Fleet, Bret Michaels, LOCASH, Niko Moon, and even more to come. You’re not gonna want to miss this!”

People in Columbus or going there will want to know that Flavortown Fest is a unique festival. It will include a takeover of The Lawn at CAS. That’s located along the Olentangy River. The river runs through the city big-time.

You might be asking where did this festival get its name? Well, Fieri is called “The Mayor of Flavortown” so that flows right into the name. The festival website said the event will be “filled with fun, flavor, and festivities from the mind of the Mayor of Flavortown himself.” Fieri’s TV shows on the Food Network include Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Viewers get to see Fieri walk into different eating establishments and order food right from the menu. Heck, sometimes Guy will go check things out in the kitchen area just to be sure.