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Pop Group Aqua Reflects on Grammy Nominations, Return of ‘Barbie Girl’ Popularity

Pop Group Aqua Reflects on Grammy Nominations, Return of ‘Barbie Girl’ Popularity

Decades after the release of their hit single Barbie Girl, Danish-Norwegian pop group Aqua is finally getting the recognition it deserves, all thanks to the Barbie film.

Days after the 66th annual Grammy Awards nominations were announced, the Aqua bandmates spoke about their reaction to their manager’s surprise text message. “All of a sudden it pops up and goes: ‘Congratulations, guys! You are nominated for two Grammys!’ And I went, ‘What the f—?’” bandmate René Dif explained to Yahoo! Entertainment. “A lot of different feelings go through your mind. Is it realIs it not real?”

Dif also stated that he didn’t expect the nomination to ever happen. “It’s the most impossible thing when you’re young, thinking it would be nice to stand up there or just be nominated, but it was so far from reality at that time. But then, 26 years later, it apparently happened.”

Aqua’s first Grammy nominations were for Song Written for Visual Media and Best Rap Song, which was for Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s Barbie soundtrack hit Barbie World. The track relied heavily on clips of the 1997 song and even credited the Danish band as co-writers. 

Aqua Bandmates Don’t Think Anyone is Going to Their Shows Because of Nicki Minaj Song

Meanwhile, Aqua bandmate Søren Rasted said he doesn’t think anyone’s going to go to one of the band’s shows just because of Nicki Minaj’s hit tune. However, he does notice there is a significant increase in the band’s popularity. 

“We have a lot more monthly listeners because of the movie, and that might give us some attention,” Rasted explained. “It’s a perfect timing for us to do the American tour now.”

Dif chimed in and spoke about the group’s recent US show. “We were super nervous at the New York show because we were wondering, ‘Who’s going to show up?’ And we can’t play ‘Barbie Girl’ for all 75 minutes — would people know all the songs? But the most fantastic thing happened. Kids were singing all the lyrics, from the first song to the last song  – and they were screaming.”

The bandmates also said the same thing happened during their LA show. The experience ended up being super overwhelming for them and Dif admitted he got emotional. “I took my in-ears out and just looked around and went, ‘Wow. Is this seriously possible, to experience this so many years after?’ I get goosebumps thinking about it.”