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‘Twisters’ Super Bowl Trailer Leaves Fans Mourning Late Stars From 1996 Original

‘Twisters’ Super Bowl Trailer Leaves Fans Mourning Late Stars From 1996 Original

With Twisters, a sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Twister, coming out soon, fans have been sent down a rabbit hole of memories. Namely, they have been remembering Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman, both of whom have passed away.

Twisters, the new movie, stars Glen Powell, Anthony Ramos, Maura Tierney, Brandon Perea, and Daisy Edgar-Jones. In the earlier movie, besides Paxton and Hoffman, Helen Hunt and Jami Gertz starred, too.

Much like the first movie, Twisters involves some teams of storm chasers.

These groups run down storms like they’re trying to lasso mighty gusty winds. Throw in a need for behavior modification among team members and you have all the drama one person can hold. On Sunday, Universal Pictures bought some advertising time in Super Bowl LVIII.

‘Twisters’ Trailer Stirs Up Memories

A trailer for Twisters lets viewers see, for the first time, what this newest movie has going for it. Yet the memories tied to Twister run deep.

Did you know that Twister was the first commercial movie released on DVD in America? It’s true. And the comments section connected to Twisters preview video on YouTube was filled with memories. Some fans remember the flying cow; others write about Aunt Meg and her breakfast. And then, there are those fans who still love Paxton’s and Hoffman’s work in here.

They talk about different plots in the first movie. Hopefully, Twisters has a very successful opening weekend in theaters. One fan writes, “What made the first Twister great was memorable characters and the great chemistry between them. I hope this movie can bring some of that too.”

This fan wrote, “I don’t think I even know how many times I have watched Twister as a kid. I am looking forward to this one.”

Note that Twisters will hit theaters on July 19. Now, there was some news back in 2022 that Twisters would be paying homage to Paxton’s character. At that time, the plan was to have the daughter of Bill and Jo Harding lead a storm team.

Box Office Challenge Awaits New Movie

This sequel has its work cut out for it. Why? Because Twister took home $241 million at the box office. And that’s a total only involving theaters in the United States.

Hoffman played Dusty, who happened to be a rather excitable storm chaser. As costar Alan Ruck put it out there, Seymour Hoffman was in Twister “before he was Philip Seymour Hoffman.”

Ruck offered up another story about Hoffman in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “Joey Slotnick was in that movie and Joey is a storyteller,” Ruck said. “He can spin some yarns. I remember being at dinner one time and Philip said, ‘I’ll give you all my per diem if you can be quiet for an hour.’ So, we all watched Joey and he didn’t make it five minutes. He said, ‘Why do you want to do that to me? Why do you want to mess with my nature?’ Phil was funny. He was a funny guy, sweet guy.”

Besides the box office challenge, Twisters also faces the challenge of its predecessor. A big-time movie like that one, providing many memories for its fans, puts Twisters to an immediate test. Can it match up or even better Twister? Time will tell.