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Tim Allen’s Best Christmas Film Isn’t ‘The Santa Clause’

Tim Allen’s Best Christmas Film Isn’t ‘The Santa Clause’

Tim Allen is Santa’s favorite leading man, starring in both timeless Christmas classics and hidden gem films that deserve more recognition. Tim Allen has played several iconic roles throughout his career. From voicing Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise to starring in TV hits like Home Improvement and The Last Man Standing, he has become a notable star. With a successful transition to movies, Tim Allen’s presence is particularly felt during the Christmas season. Even his cult classic Galaxy Quest was released on Christmas day.

Of course, Tim Allen’s first major movie role was in The Santa Clause, a modern take on everyone’s favorite Christmas character. The film’s success led to a trilogy and a TV show sequel on Disney+. However, an altogether holiday film starring Allen might be his best.

After solidifying his role as Santa Claus, Tim Allen took a different cinematic route with 2004’s Christmas with the Kranks. Based on John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas, the film features Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis in the roles of Luther and Nora Krank. When their daughter, Blair, is scheduled to spend Christmas away from home with the Peace Corps, Luther convinces Nora to forego the usual seasonal expenses and instead invest in a Caribbean cruise. This clever plan disrupts the entire town, including a neighbor portrayed by Dan Akroyd.

Tim Allen Showcases Range in ‘Christmas with the Kranks’

In this holiday-themed story, Tim Allen’s character transforms, becoming more exasperated and conceited. The Kranks face backlash from their community for skipping Christmas, but when their daughter unexpectedly returns, they find themselves relying on their neighbors for help.

The film famously has a low 5% Rotten Tomatoes score. However, Christmas with the Kranks is a nice alternative to the usual sentimental holiday fare. The humor found in the Kranks’ attempts to avoid Christmas and the eventual scramble to set up their annual party is quite enjoyable. However, opinions may differ on the neighbors’ Christmas enthusiasm, which can be seen as either appropriately annoying or overly cultish. At times, the plot and message of the movie may feel scattered. Still, Christmas with the Kranks manages to deliver a dose of holiday cheer.

Christmas with the Kranks may initially come across as a somewhat cheerless Christmas movie. However, the story gradually reveals the true spirit of the season. It beautifully captures the warmth and ideals of the holiday, interspersed with hilariously funny moments derived from the Kranks’ misadventures in their quest to avoid the festivities. This movie has earned a special place in the hearts of fans who eagerly revisit it year after year. Plus, Tim Allen doesn’t have to carry all of the comedy alone, supported by Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Akroyd.