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Tim Allen Shares Brilliant Idea For ‘Toy Story 5’

Tim Allen Shares Brilliant Idea For ‘Toy Story 5’

Tim Allen recently shared a brilliant idea that could possibly work into Toy Story‘s upcoming return.

The franchise has released four hugely popular movies since its debut in 1995, and if fans have it their way, the stories will continue through “infinity and beyond.” So far, the band of living collectibles has been invaded by outsiders, moved on to other children, been discarded for donations, and been lost in the world.

The most recent film gave a proper conclusion but also left room for a continuation, so fans didn’t know if that was the end for Woody and Buzz. But this past February, Disney confirmed it was bringing the characters back for another round.

Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear, shared his experiences with his The Santa Clause revival The Santa Clauses while talking to Movie Dweeb earlier this month, and he got on the topic of Toy Story. Allen revealed an “off the cuff” plot that could bring his Disney-Pixar classic full circle with an adult Andy with a son of his own.

Tim Allen Hopes to Continue ‘Toy Story’ With a Movie That Brings Andy Back as a Father

The actor shared that he had visited a small coffee shop and the owner wanted to know about the possibilities for a Toy Story 5. He admitted that he’s not working with pre-production, so our guess is as good as his. But we think the writers would be interested in his pitch.

“I don’t know this is where the story’s going,” he began, “but what if the whole story was through… Andy is an adult, has children, and they just happen to be online, and the kid goes, ‘Have you ever seen this toy?’ And Andy sees that Buzz has got a hand missing, and he’s in a… they’re selling these vintage toys. And Andy goes and gathers all the toys up. He has to go out and find each one of them, put them back together, bring them back to his house, and start the whole thing over again with his son. And I said, ‘What a wonderful idea is that he brings it [back]. It’s all through Andy’s eyes, because we made his life, and now he’s returning that favor.”

As of yet, there is no news on Toy Story 5’s release date. But in a separate interview, Allen admitted that the movie has been quietly in the works for some time. So it may be further along than we know.