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‘The Santa Clause’: Fans Notice Bizarre Detail 29 Years Later

‘The Santa Clause’: Fans Notice Bizarre Detail 29 Years Later

Families have enjoyed the antics of Scott Calvin and his family when everyone sits down to watch The Santa Clause. So, let’s think about this question for a minute. How closely have you been watching this movie? We’re talking about real close. Maybe there is something you have missed when watching The Santa Clause.

Everyone knows that Scott, played by Tim Allen, takes over for Santa in this film. And with Santa’s shop always busy, you know that Santa’s elves are hard at work. But are all the elves at the North Pole? The answer is no. That’s because you have been an eagle-eyed viewer of this movie for years. You can recite words back to the characters. You know what scene is coming next.

Look Closely And You Will See Some Elf Ears

Uh-huh. Have you taken time to notice the ears on some people in scenes? You probably have not been looking close enough. OK, so some person out in the Internet land noticed this wild detail. It’s truly out of the bizarro world.

See, there are young adults and children who have elf ears. They are located in the back of a main shot. Sometimes, they are in the same shot as Scott or a member of his family. These elf-ear-wearing people are all over the place in The Santa Clause.

But it’s taken all this time to finally notice this really bizarre thing. Now, with this coming out in the open, we probably bet that you are going to look for these elves and their ears. They do not have traditional elf clothes on, either. They dress just like you and me.

These Elves Wear Regular Clothes While Out and About

It’s really wild that the producers of The Santa Clause thought about having people wear these ears. One scene has a young boy sitting down for some dinner at a fast-food restaurant. His ears are out plain as day. Then, Scott and Charlie walk right past a woman with elf ears. She looks rather disgusted with them. Another scene has a young girl with elf ears on and sitting right behind Charlie in his school classroom.

What in the world possessed the producers to do this? Like, these elves are like secret agents on a mission of some type. Maybe they just wanted to check to see who really is naughty and nice. Still, it’s pretty cool that no one until recently has noticed the elf ears situation.

The Santa Clause is reportedly being shown on FX throughout the Christmas and holiday season. The movie might be shown on the Disney Channel, too, But check your cable listings in your area to see when The Santa Clause will be on your TV set.