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‘The Fall Guy’ Reboot: First Images From the 80s TV Update Released

‘The Fall Guy’ Reboot: First Images From the 80s TV Update Released

The Fall Guy reboot dropped some images showing off how well Ryan Gosling will fill the shoes of Lee Majors. Gosling stars as Colt Seavers, a stuntman whose career is derailed by a near-fatal on-set mishap. Emily Blunt plays his former love who is now a director. She seeks his assistance on a lavish sci-fi Western. However, things get complicated when her leading man goes missing, and Colt is enlisted to help her investigate.

Ahead of the Fall Guy release date, Vanity Fair has unveiled several first-look images. These exclusive glimpses showcase Gosling amid exhilarating high-octane action that gives Majors a run for his money. Discussing Film shared the images on Twitter/X.

The Fall Guy reboot is being helmed by a director with serious stunt chops, David Leitch. He directed recent action films such as Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, and Bullet Train. However, he’s also a professional stuntman. Leitch was Matt Damon’s stunt double on The Bourne Ultimatum as well as Brad Pitt’s double in Fight Club and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

According to Vanity Fair, Leitch grew up as a huge fan of the 80s classic TV show. “It is one of those TV shows from my generation of stunt performers that really lit our fuse and [made a lot of us] come to Hollywood,” Leitch told the outlet. “So it was really a no-brainer when the property came to us.”

The Fall Guy TV series, created by Glen Larson (who also created Magnum, P.I.), aired on CBS from 1981-86. Lee Majors portrayed Colt Seavers, a charismatic stuntman, while Heather Thomas played Jody Banks, a skilled stuntwoman who joins him in pursuing fugitives. Together, they cleverly use their stunt expertise to apprehend targets. Each episode was sure to feature a great stunt, with the opening credits showcasing this.

Of course, The Fall Guy also featured one of the most iconic theme songs in television history. Performed by Majors himself, he sang about being the “unknown stuntman” who makes stars like Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds look so good. Blake Shelton offers a contemporary rendition for the film reboot.

Leitch co-manages 87North Productions with his wife and producing partner, Kelly McCormick. Their action-oriented company has created notable films like Nobody, where Bob Odenkirk plays a seemingly ordinary middle-aged man with a hidden assassin past. They also produced Violent Night, featuring David Harbour as a Viking bad ass Santa Claus, and Bullet Train, starring Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as they battle hordes of killers on a high-speed railway.