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‘The Fall Guy’: How Reboot Star Ryan Gosling Became Friends With Series Star Lee Majors

‘The Fall Guy’: How Reboot Star Ryan Gosling Became Friends With Series Star Lee Majors

For fans of 1980s TV shows, get ready to see Ryan Gosling take over for Lee Majors in a movie version of The Fall Guy. Gosling steps into the role of Cole Seavers, which Majors played in the ABC series. But what’s interesting to note is that Gosling and Majors have become friends.

“He came out to Australia and I had an opportunity to talk to him and spend the day with him,” Gosling said, Remind Magazine states. “It was pretty great. He’s so funny and he’s very lovely and gracious.” Gosling said he and Majors will still text one another.

That’s cool as Majors might be able to help Gosling out when portraying a stuntman. Director David Leitch will be tapping into his history as a stuntman himself to help this movie come together. While working on The Fall Guy, Leitch said his crew “explored doing old-school high falls into airbags, and jumping a car as far as we could, and rolling a car as many times as we could.”

Ryan Gosling Rides High Off ‘Barbie’ Success

Leitch has worked in Fight Club and The Bourne Ultimatum as a stuntman for Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, respectively. The director said he was happy to see Gosling join the movie because he’s “done action, he’s done romance, he’s done comedy, but this movie allowed him to do all of it.”

As for the movie’s plot, Seavers takes part in a science-fiction Western film. Emily Blunt plays Jody Moreno, Seavers’ former girlfriend. She asked Colt to take over the lead role in her movie once the original lead leaves.

Gosling comes into this movie riding a wave of success thanks to his Ken role in Barbie. Now, fans of The Fall Guy TV show know that its theme song was The Unknown Stuntman. Majors sang this back in the day. Gosling will not sing it but country star Blake Shelton reportedly is going to do it.

Majors was a major TV star in his career. After acting alongside Barbara Stanwyck in The Big Valley, Majors went on to play Steve Austin (no relation to the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler) in The Six Million Dollar Man. At one time, Majors was married to Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcett. His co-stars on the TV series, which ran from 1981 to 1986, included Douglas Barr and Heather Thomas.

Actor Honored To Play ‘Lee Majors’ Role

“It was a huge honor to step into the footsteps of the iconic Lee Majors,” Gosling said at last year’s CinemaCon, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “My character is going through a lot and directing a huge space opera,” Blunt said. “They are exes and maybe futures if he plays his cards right.”

The movie was scheduled to be released last year but the Hollywood strikes moved it back to this year.

With Barbie in his rear-view mirror now, Gosling can put his entire attention on The Fall Guy. As an aside, Majors is due to make a cameo appearance in the movie. No other cast members from the TV show are expected to appear.

Moviegoers and fans of the TV show can expect to see Gosling’s character involved with stunt work. The movie plans to have stunts more fitting to a film set. The Fall Guy has a chance to give Gosling another big hit film.