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Steven Spielberg and Oprah Have ‘The Color Purple’ Reunion at Remake Premiere

Steven Spielberg and Oprah Have ‘The Color Purple’ Reunion at Remake Premiere

Director Steven Spielberg and talk show host-actress Oprah Winfrey were at The Color Purple remake event on Wednesday night. Spielberg and Winfrey both worked together on the original film. The two of them were at the premiere of a remake of their movie in Los Angeles.

Spielberg thrilled the crowd by making an appearance. Winfrey, who had a starring role in the original movie, takes on the role of producer for this version. Ditto for Spielberg this time around. They were among a good number of celebrities who walked the red carpet at the Academy Museum.

This musical version will follow the 1985 storyline that involved Winfrey playing Sofia. This time around, it’s Danielle Brooks taking over that role.

The Color Purple is based on Alice Walker’s book of the same title. In the movie, people get a close view of Celie’s life. She’s a young black girl who happens to be growing up in the 1900s. Our first sighting of Celie is when she’s 14 years old and pregnant. Her father impregnated her. Then, we’ll follow Celie through her life for the next 30 years.

‘The Color Purple’ Took On Personal Tone For Oprah

For Winfrey, the movie took on a very personal tone for her. When speaking with Vanity Fair on Wednesday night, she said that the movie was her story. “The Color Purple changed my life forever,” Winfrey said. “From the moment I read the book—that was my story. Celie’s story was my story. When Celie was writing the letter—‘Dear God, I’m 14 years old, please explain what’s happening to me?’—that was my story.

“I couldn’t believe that Alice Walker had actually penned a story about a girl who was going through the same thing that I was going through in my life,” Winfrey said.

“She also would honor the current cast in the remake, sharing a little of her story around making The Color Purple,” Winfrey said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I can’t even begin to tell you what it means to me — a person who wanted nothing more in my life than to be in The Color Purple. And God taught me to surrender — that was the big lesson for me. They were only offering $35,000 to be in this film, and it is the best $35,000 I ever earned. It changed everything and taught me so much. It is God moving through my life.”

Spielberg is a three-time Oscar winner whose movies have grossed over $10 billion. Back in 2016, he sat down with Whoopi Goldberg, who played Celie in the movie.

“I had been considering a lot of actresses to play Celie, and I’d never heard of Whoopi Goldberg, and I didn’t quite believe a person existed whose name was Whoopi Goldberg,” Spielberg said.

“I knew you were Celie probably before you took your 15th breath,” Spielberg said, according to Yahoo. “The reason I saw Celie in you, because of the first few minutes of your act, was because of your strength … I would never hire Celie who wasn’t strong because you’ve got to get there. That has to be in her makeup. It has to be in her DNA.”