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Seann William Scott’s Older Brother Actually Thought He Died on the ‘Final Destination’ Set

Seann William Scott’s Older Brother Actually Thought He Died on the ‘Final Destination’ Set

More than 20 years after the first Final Destination hit theaters, Seann William Scott shares how his character’s death hilariously impacted his personal life. 

While chatting with Yahoo! Entertainment recently, Scott stated that his older brother thought he actually died on the Final Destination set. He came to this conclusion after watching Scott’s character, Billy Hitchcock, die by flying pieces of shrapnel. “My older brother watched Final Destination in theater, and when my head got cut off, he had a full-on freak-out,” Scott said.”

Scott stated that his older brother threw popcorn everywhere, ran to the bathroom, and threw up. “He called our mom, and said, ‘Seann just got his head cut off!’ And she was like, ‘Yeah… it’s a movie.’”

Although Seann William Scott’s mother reassured his older brother that everything was fine, he didn’t quite believe her. However, Scott admitted that he helped prolong his brother’s freak-out. “I intentionally didn’t call him back for a long time just to mess with him,” he said. “When I finally did talk to him, I was like, ‘Dude, it’s just a movie.’”

Seann William Scott Talks About Getting a Plaster Head Made For His ‘Final Destination’ Death Scene 

Meanwhile, Seann William Scott reflected on how he had a plaster head made for his death scene. He stated the experience was actually scarier than shooting his character’s decapitation. 

“I did not like that at all,” Scott admitted. “They wrap your head so you can’t hear and you can’t breathe. I had a full panic attack and was freaking out.” 

Seann William Scott said that the special effects crew for the film had to calm him with “competitive” psychology. “They said, ‘You’re doing better than this guy,’” Scott recalled but not saying who the crew was talking about. “I settled into it, because I thought to myself, ‘I’ve gotta do better than that guy!’”

Although Scott scored the role that earned him a lot of attention, the director of Final Destination, James Wong, stated in 2020 that he wasn’t sure if the actor was right for the role. Billy was written as this kind of dorky guy… so it took a little bit of convincing,” Wong stated. “But when we met [Seann], he does have a goofy quality to him even though he has these leading-man looks. So we went with him, and it worked out really great because he was so popular from American Pie.”

Scott also said that playing Stifler in American Pie could have caused an issue with the Final Destination casting. “They probably saw that character and thought, ‘He doesn’t seem like Billy Hitchcock,’” he explained. Thankfully, the actor’s personal dorky side came into play. “I’m such a dork that it didn’t take long.”