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The Scariest Movie Monsters of All Time

The Scariest Movie Monsters of All Time

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s hard to not think of all the creepy, crawly monsters that come out after the sun goes down. Here are the top movie monsters that give us the heebies and jeebies. 

1. ‘The Blob’ 

One of the originals, this movie monster is definitely a top 5 most terrifying. The creature first surfaces when a meteorite crashes into a hill located in a small Pennsylvania town. From there, the creepy, jelly-like thing starts consuming humans around the area. Eventually, the townsfolk were able to trap the monster by freezing it. It was then transported to the Arctic… but while the coldness will stop the Blob from spreading, it won’t actually kill it.

2. The Earthworm Monsters from ’Tremors’ 

Who could forget Ron Underwood’s earthworm in the 1990 cult classic, Tremors? These terrifying movie monsters sent residents of a small Nevada town for the hills – LITERALLY. The only way to avoid the creators was to not STEP on the ground. Anything moving would send them slithering with hunger. Thankfully, most of the residents were able to survive after the worm plummeted off a cliff. However, the creatures returned for six other sequels.


3. Regan MacNeil – ‘The Exorcist’ 

Although she was possessed by a demon like no other, known as Pazuzu, Regan MacNeil took form as a monster in the 1973 film The Exorcist. During the iconic horror film, the audience saw the little girl turn into a neon-green vomiting, blood-oozing monster that became the stuff of nightmares to us all. 

4. The Predator 

Can’t have a movie monster list without the Predator. This creature first surfaced in the 1980s and became one of the most terrifying monsters in film history. Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in Predator as Dutch, he led a group of special forces solders through a Central American rainforest in order to save hostage from guerrilla forces. However, instead of fighting regular humans, the solders encounter Predator.

What makes this monster absolutely terrifying is that it is hunting the universe’s most dangerous prey. It moves throughout the jungle in an invisible form, making it difficult for humans to fight or even survive an attack. Dutch somehow managed to escape; however, others weren’t so lucky.

5. Bruce from ‘Jaws’ 

Nothing like a monster from the big ol’ blue to really make you terrified of the ocean. Bruce, the star of the 1975 film Jaws is nothing like the others – sharks are actually real. Within the first few minutes of the thriller, Bruce is already chomping down on an innocent victim while out for a night swim.

As the film continues, other humans fall victim to Bruce, including a young boy named Alex Kintner. The local police chief, Martin Brody, assembles a crew consisting of oceanographer, Matt Hoper, and fisherman Ben Gardner. The trio goes on the hunt for Bruce, but unfortunately, the large great white shark surfaces and consumes Gardner. Eventually, Brody and Hooper end up blowing Bruce up and save the day. 

6. The Scariest Movie Monsters: Xenomorphs and Facehuggers from ‘Alien’

Finally, the movie monsters that have haunted my dreams frequently since my parents let me watch the original Alien at the age of 7. Ridley Scott’s creatures will scare even the bravest people out there. They first made their way through the Nostromo to kill off the commercial space tug’s crew before going to war with Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley.

What’s absolutely terrifying about these monsters is – the facehuggers leap on unsuspecting victims, where it impregnates them with Xenomorph fetuses. The fetuses feed off the host until finally bursting out of the chest as Xenomorphs. This instantly kills the host.