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Ron Howard Once Tried on Jim Carrey’s ‘Hellish’ Costume for ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’

Ron Howard Once Tried on Jim Carrey’s ‘Hellish’ Costume for ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’

Bryce Dallas Howard recently recalled her dad Ron trying to show solidarity with Jim Carrey on the set of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. While on The Graham Norton Show, Bryce confessed that she always saw her father as a director and yearned to grace the set since her childhood.

Bryce, also an actor and director, shared how her father Ron Howard not only set a “really good example” for her but also imparted lessons through his respect for colleagues like Jim Carrey.

“Sometimes actors go through things that cause a tremendous stress and you need to move forward,” Bryce explained. “Jim Carrey on The Grinch, getting all of his makeup on [was] so intense. They had him collaborate with a Navy Seal to train him how to withstand torture because it was that intense for him.”

Ron Howard Found Out First Hand How Much Jim Carrey Suffered for ‘The Grinch’

Bringing the Grinch suit to life was no walk in Whoville! They went for yak hair, a spandex suit, and some seriously creepy yellow contacts, according to QX104. The result? Carrey had a pretty unpleasant experience taking on this iconic role. The first time the makeup team put the suit on him, it took about eight and a half hours. This reportedly led to Carrey kicking a hole in his trailer and a poor start. They later reduced the time to three hours to put on and one to take off.

Given that there were no scenes with Carrey out of make-up, every scene he shot demanded the green makeover. This resulted in the actor having to sport the suit for a whopping 92 days over the five months of principal photography.

To his credit, Grinch director Ron Howard recognized Jin Carrey’s suffering for the role. Howard reportedly got to set early and had the full Grinch makeup treatment applied to himself.

“[Ron Howard was] like, listen, I was in the chair for six hours also this morning and I understand that it’s hellish and I’m gonna work today as the Grinch,” Bryce explained.

Eagerly anticipating Carrey’s response, Howard reportedly received an unexpected reaction. Carrey mistook Howard for a stunt double, expressing anger as he believed the double bore no resemblance to him. After receiving a full explanation, Carrey expressed gratitude for Howard’s sentiment. Notably, Carrey and Howard were not the sole individuals to don the iconic Grinch costumes. Actor Josh Ryan Evans portrayed the 8-year-old Grinch in several scenes.