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‘Rambo’s ‘Realistic’ Bomb Scene Impresses Real-Life Demolitions Expert

‘Rambo’s ‘Realistic’ Bomb Scene Impresses Real-Life Demolitions Expert

Within each Rambo picture, there are explosions, bombs, and guns going off seemingly forever on the big screen. Everyone associated with the movies does their best to avoid serious injuries. John Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone, goes through the jungle in a chase scene in a 2008 release.

What follows is a testament to the professionalism on the set. In the movie, we see a quieter, calmer Rambo here. Well, he gets a call back to come back into action. The goal? Rambo rescues some missionaries who have been kidnapped.

As far as the big bomb scene in the movie goes, Msster EOD Technicial Jay Ly talks about it. Ly breaks it down while Rambo gets chased by soldiers with dogs. They lay a booby trap, which ends up causing a massive explosion.

‘Rambo’ Bomb Scene Breakdown

“How it was set up and how it was emplaced, totally legit,” Ly said, according to Insider. “He had a Claymore. He put it on top of the Grand Slam bomb, a huge British bomb. Claymores are used all over. They’re already wired. They’re pre-made to be set up as booby traps. That’s what they’re for. So he just had the trip wire, put something that he thought one of these people chasing him, idiots, would grab.” This information is important to get rolling and Sylvester Stallone knows it.

“There are 100% bomb-detection dogs, and in this clip, those dogs, I believe, are going for human detection,” he said. “They’re going for sniffing out Rambo, not necessarily sniff out explosive hazards in the woods. And even if they were, those dogs are running full speed. That’s like essentially you trying to sniff a hot dog in the corner while sprinting down the hallway, like hyperventilating. It’s never going to happen.”

This is good to know for all Sylvester Stallone fans. The information about the set-up of the bombs can go a long way toward understanding the nuance of films.

‘First Blood’ Kicks Off Franchise

The Rambo franchise kicked off in 1982 with First Blood. The next movie shifted into 1980s action mayhem with 1985’s Rambo: First Blood – Part II. Then, it moved into schlock with 1988’s Rambo III. But that third movie didn’t get a lot of hype from critics. Fans loved it. Still, Sylvester Stallone moved away from the character to pursue other roles.

Meanwhile, 20 years later, the star found himself in need of a hit. This led to a resurrected John Rambo for a new generation of moviegoers.

With Rambo’s premise, he is seeking a life of peace. Additionally, though, he unleashed violence in the name of a righteous cause. That proved helpful enough for the unexpected Rambo 2008 to make $113 million at the box office against a budget of $50 million.

This movie cements Stallone as an action-adventure guy. More than just bringing back Stallone’s second-most-important franchise character. The film’s success does convince Stallone that there was an audience for ‘80s-style action carnage. This led Stallone to unleash the team-up movie The Expendables in 2010. Rambo himself would return in 2019’s Last Blood. With its lackluster effort at the box office, It was not a huge hit. But it did leave the future of the franchise very much up in the air.