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Prepare to Feel Old: Melissa Joan Hart is Playing a Grandmother

Prepare to Feel Old: Melissa Joan Hart is Playing a Grandmother

For many of her fans, seeing Melissa Joan Hart, who has been a fixture since the 1990s, play a grandmother is too much. But Hart’s taking all of the hubbub in stride as you will see in a minute. The online world apparently just found out that Hart did, back in October, play one in a Lifetime movie.

Hart played a grandmother splendidly in Would You Kill For Me? The Mary Bailey Story. A clip from the movie found itself on the interwebs, driving some fans a little batty. After all, they remember Hart from Clarissa Explains It All and, of course, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Fans Lose Their Senses Over Melissa Joan Hart Role

For some of these fans, comments happened to range from they “feel old” to “feel personally attacked.” Oh boy, sounds like some drama queen cutting loose. A few even said that Hart, 47, was too young to be playing a grandmother. Whatever. A role is a role and work is work. Hart probably is quite happy to get work when she wants to have it.

OK, so Hart herself decided to offer a sweet response to the fan outcry. She headed over to Instagram, where she posted a freeze frame of her in the movie.

“While I’m proud of my performance in my most recent movie #WouldYouKillForMe, I couldn’t be more flattered that people don’t think of me as a grandmother (no matter how possible it is at the age of 47),” Hart wrote.

“It’s also refreshing to go viral for my work and not something controversial. I guess now Clarissa can Explain AARP or play the Middle-Aged Witch.”

No, Hart is not a grandmother in real life, so settle down. Yet she’s the proud mama of three boys, 17-year-old Mason, 15-year-old Braydon, and 11-year-old Tucker. She shares them with her husband of 20 years, Mark Wilkerson.

Hart’s Sons Have No Desire For Acting Career

Speaking of her sons, it appears that they really don’t have a lot of interest in their mother’s career. In fact, even Hart expands on that topic.

“They want nothing to do with it,” Hart said in an interview with Us Weekly. “They think it’s weird. And you know what, I kind of get that. They’re like, ‘It’s just weird. I don’t want to watch you on TV and I don’t want to watch you kiss another man in a Christmas movie.’

“It’s a little weird to see people out of context the way you know them,” Hart said. “I think they will someday, especially, to be honest, my son has a friend named Sabrina right now, so she’s been around a lot recently and it’s all very weird.”

While Hart navigates this part of her boys’ lives, she and her husband really don’t look to get them into the Hollywood and acting lifestyle.

“We don’t really have them in the industry,” she said. “I don’t love the idea of having to drive them to auditions [and dealing with] the rejection. I mean, I think the rejection would be good for them in a way [to] keep them from being too spoiled, but no mommy wants their baby to go through rejection.”