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On This Day: ‘Toy Story’ Hit Theaters in 1995

On This Day: ‘Toy Story’ Hit Theaters in 1995

Howdy, partner! On this day in 1995, Toy Story hit theaters and we all learned the iconic and catchy phrase, “To Infinity and Beyond!” for the first time.

The film follows Woody (played by Tom Hanks), a cowboy doll that is the all-time favorite toy of his owner, Andy. He becomes threatened and jealous when a new spaceman action figure, Buzz Lightyear (played by Tim Allen), enters Andy’s room and becomes the favorite of everyone. However, Buzz doesn’t actually know he’s an action figure and thinks he’s actually a spaceman who crashed on a strange planet while trying to fight against his nemesis, Emperor Zurg. 

Woody then thinks up an idea to get rid of Buzz and they both end up in the clutches of Andy’s demented neighbor, Sid, right before Andy and his family are planning to move. After Buzz finally figures out that he’s a toy, he and Woody team up with Sid’s disfigured toys and take on the pre-teen. 

Following their escape, Woody and Buzz chase Andy and his moving truck by strapping themselves to a rocket. Somehow not managing to explode with the rocket, the duo end up “flying” into Andy’s car. They reunite with Andy once again. 

Toy Story was a huge hit and generated $394.4 million at the box office. The film also quickly became a Disney/Pixar classic, with many of Pixar’s films having Toy Story easter eggs in them. The film has three other sequels, with an additional film reportedly in the works.

Tom Hanks Recalled Tim Allen Warning Him of the ‘Emotional Ending’ of ‘Toy Story 4’ 

While originally thinking that Toy Story 4 was the final film of the franchise, Tom Hanks spoke about how Tim Allen approached him to the film’s emotional ending.

During a 2019 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hanks described the tear-jerking situation. 

“This is the end of the series and I had gotten some texts from Tim Allen. These texts say, ‘Have you recorded yet? Have you been in? Have you had a session yet?’” Hanks said. “I said, ‘No, not yet.’ [Allen says] ‘Wait until you see those last pages. Tough one, tough one.’”

Hanks then declared that it was indeed an emotional ending. “The last few sessions we’re saying goodbye to Woody and Buzz and Bonnie’s room and Andy and everybody.”

Toy Story 4 follows Woody as he helps the “new toy” of his new owner Bonnie. The toy, called Forky, was made out of a popsicle stick and other craft supplies. The entire time, Forky referred to himself as “trash” and eventually, Woody reunites with an old toy friend. He becomes a “lost toy” after realizing that Bonnie no longer needs him.