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New ‘Mean Girls’ Trailer Reminds Everyone That ‘Fetch’ Should Be a Thing

New ‘Mean Girls’ Trailer Reminds Everyone That ‘Fetch’ Should Be a Thing

Exciting news, Mean Girls fans. The film is returning in a new form to theaters in 2024 that’ll make you scream “That’s so fetch!”

According to Deadline, the film is based on the 2018 Broadway musical adaptation of the 2004 hit comedy. Tina Fey returns as the geeky kind (and newly single) Ms. Norbury while Tim Meadows reprises his role as the baseball bat-wielding Mr. Duvall. Although they were the only two original castmates to appear in the trailer, it’s quite possible that others from the 2004 cast will be making cameos.

Angourie Rice is taking over for Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, a former homeschooler who previously lived in Africa with her parents. When she returns to the U.S., Cady quickly learns the ropes of what is like to be in an animal kingdom-like “Girl World” while taking on the infamous and popular North Shore Plastics.

Avantika is playing Karen Shetty and Bebe Wood is Gretchen Wieners. Evil takes form as Reneé Rapp is Regina George. Others starring in the film are Auli’i Cravalho as Janis ‘Imi’ike, Jaquel Spivey as Damian Hubbard, and Christopher Briney as Aaron Samuels. Jon Hamm is also starring in the film as Coach Carr.

The film is making its way to theaters in January 2024, nearly 20 years after the original Mean Girls premiered. The original film grossed $130.1 million on a $17 million budget, making it a pretty successful production. 

Original ‘Mean Girls’ Cast Stars in Walmart’s Black Friday Campaign 

Prior to the release of the new Mean Girls trailer, the cast of the 2004 comedy starred in Walmart’s Black Friday campaign

As previously reported, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert returned to North Shore High as the older, mid-30s Cady Heron, Karen Smith, and Gretchen Wieners. Heron appeared as a school council while Karen was announcing details about the weather. Once again, Gretchen was seen attempting to make “fetch” happen in front of her teenage daughter, who declared, “It’s still not going to happen.”

“At North Shore, some things never change,” Lohan’s Cady declares in a voiceover. “On Wednesdays, we still wear pink. But now, we shop Walmart Black Friday Deals. This wasn’t regular shopping, this is deal shopping.”

Rajiv Surendra, who played Kevin Gnapoor, is also seen telling his son, Kevin Jr., the same advice he gave in the original film. “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thing.”

Although other Mean Girls castmates made appearances, there was one noticeably missing from the crew, Regina George herself Rachel McAdams. Walmart’s Black Friday deals officially went online this Wednesday (November 8th).