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Matthew Perry Once Revealed His ‘Best Movie’ Was This Forgotten 90s Rom-Com

Matthew Perry Once Revealed His ‘Best Movie’ Was This Forgotten 90s Rom-Com

Without question, Matthew Perry is best known for his role as Chandler Bing in the iconic 90s sitcom Friends. Chandler, however, is far from the actor’s only memorable role. And for Perry, it wasn’t what came to mind when considering his best work.

Rather than his most widely beloved projects like Friends, The Whole Nine Yards, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Matthew Perry considered his best work to be a 90s film many might not remember: Fools Rush In.

In the actor’s 2022 memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, he reflects on the film fondly. Fools Rush In “is probably my best movie,” Perry mused, calling it “one of the best performances” of his career.

Starring opposite Salma Hayek as Isabel Fuentes, Matthew Perry plays Alex Whitman, a conservative architect who has a one-night stand with Isabel in Las Vegas. The meaningless encounter results in a pregnancy, forcing Isabel and Alex to navigate their differences while building a life together.

Looking at the ’97 rom-com’s Rotten Tomatoes score (a measly 34%), you might think it’s not worth the watch. On the contrary, though, it’s a forgotten classic. The chemistry between Perry and Hayek is palpable, adding depth to the fun, lighthearted storyline. And, of course, it’s Matthew Perry, so there’s plenty of witty dialogue to go along with its many tender moments.

Matthew Perry Reflects on Filming ‘Fools Rush In’ With Salma Hayek

Like any good strangers to soulmates story, Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek’s characters in Fools Rush In couldn’t be more different. As Perry explained in his memoir, this dynamic was even more believable due to the real-life differences between himself and his leading lady.

Though Perry and Hayek enjoyed working together, they often had very different approaches to acting. “There’s one scene in which I’m professing my love for her,” Perry wrote. “She suggested that we don’t look at each other — rather, we should look out at our future together.”

“After listening to this nonsense for about twenty minutes, I finally said: ‘Listen, Salma,’ I said, ‘I’m telling you I love you in this scene. You look wherever you want, but I’m going to be looking at you.‘”

Salma Hayek Pays Tribute to Late ‘Fools Rush In’ Costar

In October 2023, news broke that Friends and Fools Rush In star Matthew Perry had passed away at his home at the tragic age of 54.

Following his death, tributes poured in from many of Perry’s former colleagues, all of whom had glowing comments for the late star. Salma Hayek was among them, taking to Instagram to reflect on her time with Matthew Perry on the Fools Rush In set.

“Two days ago, I woke up to the shocking news that Matthew Perry is no longer with us,” Hayek wrote. “It’s taken me a couple of days to process this profound sadness. There is a special bond that happens when you share dreams with someone, and together you work towards them.”

“I was very moved last year when Matthew shared on his Instagram stories how much he loved ‘Fools Rush In,’ and how he thought that that film we did together was probably his best movie. Throughout the years, he and I found ourselves reminiscing about that meaningful time in our lives with a deep sense of nostalgia and gratitude.”

“My friend, you are gone much too soon, but I will continue to cherish your silliness, your perseverance, and your lovely heart. Farewell, sweet Matthew, we will never forget you.”