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Matthew Lillard’s Brutal ‘Scream’ Take Will Devastate Fans

Matthew Lillard’s Brutal ‘Scream’ Take Will Devastate Fans

Matthew Lillard delivered a standout performance as Stu in the iconic horror film Scream. However, for the actor, it was just another job.

The 1996 film by Director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson is a defining masterpiece of meta-horror. It not only set the standard for the genre but also spawned numerous sequels and imitations. Even after a gap of more than a decade and the unfortunate demise of the original director, the title made a triumphant comeback. Among the wealth of Scream material, Matthew Lillard’s portrayal of (spoiler) the deranged slasher Stu Macher remains unrivaled, setting the benchmark for all subsequent Ghostface killers.

Despite his status as a Scream fan favorite, Lillard recently revealed he’s moved far from the part. “I don’t really care about Stu Macher,” Lillard told Collider while promoting his new film Five Night at Freddy’s.

Yes, it’s like a blade to the gut to Scream fans worldwide. However, Lillard twists the knife while detailing his feelings.

“It’s a part I played, he added. ” It’s like if you’re a plumber, do you care about the house you did down the street and around the corner? No, it’s your job. And I love that job, it’s been nice to have that in my resume, but the reality is that it’s a part I did 20-plus years ago.”

Matthew Lillard Does Appreciate ‘Scream’ Fans

However, Lillard compassionately removed the blade, emphasizing the importance of fans appreciating his portrayal as Stu. He noted that the convention circuit made him realize how important the character was to Scream fans.

“So, what is important to me is that what it means to other people is deeply relevant when you see them all the time, and powerful. It’s not something I understood before that,” the SLC Punk star explained.

Indeed, Stu Macher is a hallmark character in the Scream franchise.

In the 1996 film, Billy Loomis was revealed as the mastermind behind the Woodsboro murders, starting with Sidney’s mother, Maureen, a year prior. Stu, on the other hand, was Billy’s thrill-seeking accomplice. At the end of Scream, Billy was shot in the head. Stu met his demise when Sidney dropped a TV set on him.

Since Stu wasn’t shot like other Ghostface killers, there has been speculation about his survival. Maybe Stu lived and was whisked away to an institution for the criminally insane. Many fans would love to see Lillard return to complete a new trilogy of films that started with 2022’s Scream and continued with this year’s Scream IV.

Five Nights at Freddy’s now streaming on Peacock. Meanwhile, Scream is currently available on Max.