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Martin Scorsese Breaks Record for Oscar Nominations for Director, Outpacing Clint Eastwood

Martin Scorsese Breaks Record for Oscar Nominations for Director, Outpacing Clint Eastwood

Looking back at the incredible career of director Martin Scorsese reveals several Oscar nominations for his movies. This year’s Oscar nominations were announced and Scorsese set a new record for them. His nomination total is greater than that of Clint Eastwood.

Scorsese’s recently released Killers of the Flower Moon landed him yet another Best Director nomination. He now has 10 for his career, which outpaces Eastwood and even Steven Spielberg. William Wyler, who died in 1981, amassed nine nominations in his career.

Eastwood, who has been the director for movies like Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby, only has four Best Director nominations to his name. In total, Eastwood has been up for seven total Oscars in his career.

Martin Scorsese Has 15 Oscar Nominations

Scorsese, though, has 15 total Oscar nominations, FandomWire reports. Besides Best Director, they are for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. Spielberg currently has seven Best Director nominations through his career. But he’s won three Oscars in that specific category. In total, Spielberg has 20 total Oscar nominations.

In his latest movie, Scorsese takes up more than three hours of your time. Killers of the Flower Moon looks at the horrendous abuse and death heaped upon the Osage people. The plot of this movie surrounds the Osage Nation people discovering oil in 1920s Oklahoma. One by one, though, the Osage people are murdered. This leads to having the FBI get involved, but there is a level of indifference in the air. Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone, and Robert DeNiro headline the movie’s cast. John Lithgow, Brendan Foster, and musician Jason Isbell.

Scorsese, in an interview with Deadline, talked about why he wanted to get involved with this subject matter. “What I responded to when I read David Grann’s book was the natural order of things,” he said. “The idea that one could rationalize that if the Osage is not going to be of any use if they’re going to be phased out anyway, why don’t we just, you know, help them go? And, ultimately, do we feel any guilt for that? I don’t mean you and I, but when you’re doing what was being done to the Osage, and if you tend to dehumanize someone…”

Director Brings Out A Lot In Characters

In his movies, Scorsese brings out the best and worst in characters. He manages to do this pretty consistently. Also, he likes to work with actors and actresses that “get” his style. He loves to work with both DeNiro and DiCaprio. Having them in Killers of the Flower Moon must have been a kick for Scorsese. Yet the director has developed a shorthand for working with DeNiro. Alternatively, he has what he calls “a long hand” with DiCaprio.

For all of his hard work, Eastwood is rather picky about how he wants his movie set to run. Actors realize that Eastwood enjoys working in a one-take world. He likes keeping the methodology of moving forward fast intact. It is a policy that his cast gets used to but they all may not like it. Matt Damon has said that he’s not a big fan of that process. Eastwood, though, plunges ahead as he’s doing with his latest movie, Juror No. 2.