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‘Love Actually’: Laura Linney Reveals Her Feelings on Her Character’s Heartbreaking Storyline

‘Love Actually’: Laura Linney Reveals Her Feelings on Her Character’s Heartbreaking Storyline

Laura Linney might have had to suffer through Love Actually back in 2003 with her character Sarah, yet she’s not looking down on it. Nope, from her standpoint, it was a good experience. Linney played Sarah, who had the hots for a coworker named Karl, played by Rodrigo Santoro. They end up meeting at a work event, but Sarah couldn’t hang around and had to leave early. Yet they would find a place later on in the movie to get together.

While people are all tied up about her heartbreaking storyline, Linney puts another spin on the whole thing. She talked about it when she was a guest on the popular BBC show The Graham Norton Show. She has a lot of people come up to her and feel sorry for Sarah. It appears that Linney would like you to see this from her viewpoint.

“I really believe I got the best kiss in that movie. Hands down!” she told Norton and the others on the show that night.

Laura Linney Had Great Experience On Movie Set

For Linney, the whole experience on set that very day proved to be fortuitous. Apparently, Linney and Santoro were both going through breakups at that time. She later expressed to Norton that she and Santoro were just not having a great day.

And guess which day that actually was? Yep, it was the day that they did the kissing scene. Both actors went through with it, hopefully changing their outlooks at that time in their lives.

With some time passing from its original premiere, Linney was able to look back at her experiences with the movie. She talked about it in a 2022 interview with The Independent. “I’m so fond of that movie and I had such a wonderful time making it,” Linney said. “Deeply loved everyone involved in it.” Linney recalled being friends with Liam Neeson ahead of the movie. “Alan Rickman became a mentor: really treasured and cherished,” she said. “Colin Firth and I have remained friends over the years.”

Linney also gave credit to director Richard Curtis for his efforts behind the camera. She said people thought the movie was “very, overly saccharine, but Richard has such a unique optimism about love. He’s not embarrassed by love and loving and being loved, and there’s something so pure about that. That’s why that movie really works. I loved it.”

Actress Drew A Lot Of Acclaim For Work on ‘Ozark’

Linney does have a solid resume’ of work behind her. She co-starred on the very successful show Ozark along with Jason Bateman. Yet the actress also has made her mark on stage, appearing in numerous plays throughout her life. Linney has been nominated for five Tony Awards in her career. As an aside, Linney’s father was playwright Romulus Linney. He picked up two National Critics’ awards for his work.

It’s obvious from her body of work that Linney enjoys living the life of an actress. Whether it’s on the big screen or the big stage, she’s never afraid to give each role her all. Linney has appeared in different roles so she probably will avoid being pigeon-holed into a character.

Because of her adaptability and willingness to take a chance here and there, Linney’s stock as an actress probably will stay high. The roles are as diverse as Linney’s talent will make them work. Love Actually showed only some of her incredible acting skills.